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Kwong Chiew Foong 


King Scout (1996)
“Greetings to all visitors! Firstly I would like to introduce my self. My name is Kwong Chiew Foong. I'm the one who initiated and created the Echo-Rover Scout Crew homepage. Special thanks to Mr. Awang Zainie Hj. Suntim, The State's Chief Scout Commissioner of Sabah, Rover's Leader of the Echo-Rover Scout Crew; Mr. Yusof Hj. Suntim, for being so supportive; to Ahmed Tariq Aripen, the one guy who work so.... hard with me in the construction of this web site and finally to all of the crew members who contributed to this web site...”

Below is just a brief history of myself and my participation in the scout movement in Malaysia.

27th September 1977 - The day when I was born.
January 1986 - I join the Cub Scout in S.R.K. St. Agnes(33rd Kota Kinabalu) when I was in 3rd Grade and guess what, Mr. Yusof Hj. Suntim, our Rover Leader, was my scout master.
August 1987 - I was elected as a Patrol Leader.(First time in my life)
January 1991 - I join the Junior Scouts in S.M. All Saints Secondary School (High School)-1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Troop.
December 1991 - I was elected as a Patrol Leader of the Beaver Patrol (Patrol Memerang).
December 1992 - I was elected as a Troop Leader of 1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Troop and I join the Senior Scouts.
December 1996 - I join the King Scout in the State Headquarters and pass the tests.
August 1998 to August 1999 - Sabah's State Scout IT Committee member (Technical Advisor)

Major Experience:

Jamboree Attended:
1992 - Malaysian 8th National Jamboree, Tambunan, Sabah
1997 - Malaysian 9th National Jamboree & 18th Asia Pasific Jamboree, Besut, Terengganu


Committee Members for Kota Kinabalu Diamond Jubilee Celebrations & Camps


Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Inti College Malaysia, 1998
Higher Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Inti College Malaysia, 2000
Currently studying for University of Hertfordshire's Final Year Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Inti College Malaysia .

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