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Echo Rover Scout Crew is are one of the leading Rover Scout Crew in the State of Sabah, Malaysia Malaysia Homepage

The Crew's Brief Background

Echo-Rover Scout Group (KPKE), Kota Kinabalu District was officially registered with the Scout Association of Malaysia on the 22nd September, 1994. The formation of the crew was initiated by some King Scouts and ex-scouts of the 1st Kota Kinabalu (1st K.K) District Scout group. As the Crew was sponsored by All Saints Secondary School, the initial aim of the Crew is to attract the ex-scouts of the 1st K.K. to join the Crew and to continue scouting.

The crew started with 8 protem members (Image left) and as at May 1999, it has grown to 30 members. Over the  years the Crew has organised and participated in most district and state level activities. The Crew has also acquainted to many scout groups, scouters, District Commisioners and even State level commisioners of Sabah. Under the leadership of Skipper Yusof Hj. Suntim the Crew has established itís name as one of the best crew in the whole of Sabah and even Malaysia.

In 1997, the Crew has taken steps to be more pro-active by reforming itself as an "Open" group. This allows more memberships from the general community particularly the youth in the district rather than limited its membership to the ex-scouts of the School. This reformation also helps reduce social problems. Today, the Crew is sponsored by Farida's Bed and Breakfast.

The Crew's MISSION

To be one of the most reputable crew in Malaysia,
especially in Sabah and to be a leader
in promoting the development of Rover Scouts in the State
and to give excellence services to the country and its people.

The Crew's LOGO

The design of our logo was extracted from the Scout Association of Malaysia's logo:

  • Purple - Member of the world scout body
  • Golden Yellow - Golden service
  • Purple Mountain outline - Represents Mount Kinabalu, the land mark of the state of Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Golden Yellow Scout emblem - Member of the Scout Association of Malaysia
  • KELANA - E KK - "Kelana-E" is the translation of E-Rover in the Malay language while KK is short for Kota Kinabalu.


The Activities and the training of the Rover Crew is in the hands of the Crew members. The Crew, through its Committee, manages the affairs of the Crew with the help and guidance of the Rover Scout Leader or "Pemimpin Pengakap Kelana". The Committee Members are elected Rover Scouts. Election is held during every Annual General Meeting (AGM), normally at the beginning of the year.

In order to gain support in the activities run by the Crew, the E-Rover Scout Council is formed to look after the welfare of the Crew. Council Members are non-uniform members who has the interest in helping the scout movement but do not want to involve directly in the training programmes and scouting activities. They can be parents, profesionals and other influential people. Currently the Chairperson of the Council is the Manager for Farida's Bed and Breakfast.

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