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The Echo Rover Scout (Open) Crew Committee members for 1999-2000
Rover Scout Leader
Name : Yusof Hj. Suntim@Bob
D.O.B : 17 March 1958
First joined scout : 1969 with10th Kota Kinabalu Cub Scout Pack (S.R.K. Likas)
Positions Held:
1969 - Asst. Patrol Leader
1970 - Patrol Leader
1976 - Officially announced as Rover Scout 10th Kota Kinabalu
1984 - Joined Headquaters Rover Scout Crew (Kelana Kepimpinan Ibu Pejabat, KPKK)
1984-90 - Scoutmaster (Akela) for 1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Pack
1985-94 - Appointed as Vice-Chairman for KPKK
1986-1990 - Chairman Scoutmaster for Cub Scouts Kota Kinabalu District
1986-90 - Asst. District Commisioner for Kota Kinabalu
1994-1996 - Chairman KPKK
1994-now - Rover Scout Leader for Echo Rover Scout Crew
1996-now - Asst. District Commisioner for Kota Kinabalu District (Rover Unit) & Headquaters Commisioner (Camp Warden)
Major Experiences:

Has attended jamborees in the states of Malaysia like Johor, Pahang, Perak and Sabah and also World Jamboree in Australia 1987-88. Has also attended various camps at State and National Level such as the 2nd Malaysian Patrol Camp, Diamond Jublee, Jamboree Replica and as Communications Chairman during the First Sabah Jamboree with Radio Ham  licence 9M6B4. Recently attended the 9th National Malaysian/ 18th Asia Pacific Jamboree at Besut, Terengganu.
Assistant Rover Scout Leader


Name : D.H.Mil Sharif Biok
D.O.B. : 25 Mei 1965
First Joined Scout : 19
Major Achievements:
Troop Leader for 1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Troop (19-)
Major Experiences:

Has participated at the Malaysian Jamborees at Kelantan and Terengganu (1997), the Australian National Jamboree in Perth and the 3rd National Brunei Jamboree
Crew Leader



  King Scout (1989) 

Full Name : Ahmed Farouk bin Datuk Aripen
Date of Birth : 18 January 1972 
First joined the scout movement : 1984, at the age of 12
Highest Achievements : King Scout Award in 1989
Major Experiences
Jamborees attended : 6th Malaysian Jamboree, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia, 1986 16th World Scout Jamboree, Cataract Scout Park, Sydney, Australia, 1987-88 1st Sabah Jamboree, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia, 1995, 9th National Malaysia/ 18th Asia Pacific Jamboree, Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia, 3rd National Brunei Jamboree 1999, 1st BIMP EAGA Jamboree in Sarawak (2000)
Attended the Multi-Purpose Asia Pacific Region Scout Conference/workshop in Terengganu (1996)
Education : Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy, Univ. of South Australia, 1994

Occupation : Accountant
Crew Secretary
Webmaster #1 (2000)
Name : Huzaimi B. Mohd. Ghazali
Date of Birth : March 20, 1978
First joined the Scout movement: 1988, at the age of 10
Troop Leader for 1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Troop (1995), Woodbage Part I
Major Experience
Jamboree attended: 1st Sabah Jamboree, Semporna Sabah, Malaysia (1995).
Other: Committee Members for Sabah Diamond Jubilee Celebrations & Camps

Education: Diploma in Business Studies, Mara Univ. of Technology, 1999
Crew Treasurer

Name : Merilyn Destiny Malim
D.O.B. : November 1974
First Joined Scout : 1996
Woodbage Part II (Cub Scouts)

Diploma in Banking
Public Relations Officer
Name : Viviana Primus Chew
D.O.B. :August 9, 1981
First joined Scout movement: 1993
Major Achievements:
Highest Award Achieved : Woodbage Part II (Cub Scouts)
Major Experiences:

Jamboree attended: 1st BIMP EAGA Jamboree in Sarawak, 2000  
Log Book Keeper
Name : Rahayu Milakarmila Bt. Yahya
D.O.B. : January 27, 1981
First joined Scout movement: 1993
Major Experiences

Jamboree attended:
Name : Amran B. Atoh
D.O.B. : June 26, 1975
First joined Scout movement: 1996
Major Achievements:
Highest Award Achieved : Woodbadge Part I
Major Experiences:

Attended the OutWard Bound School Courses (OBS)
Special Task

  King Scout (1989) 

Name : Sufian Abdul Ghani
D.O.B. :10 November 1971
First Joined Scout : 1984
Major Achievements:
Highest Award Achieved : King Scout Award (1989)
Major Experiences:

Participated Jamborees at Tambunan (1992) and Semporna, Sabah (1995), and Besut, Terengganu (1997), 3rd National Brunei Jamboree 1999 

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