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- 10th National Jamboree stint
- Lawa Mandau conquered 2nd time
- Echorovers joined JOTI2002 officially
- Let's Rock II!
- Happy 8th Birthday Echorovers!
- 6 members invested
- Sawasdee from Thailand
- Echorovers Joins-in World Jamboree Penang

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Jamboree Jamboree Jamboree
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R.S.L Ahmed Tariq Aripen and ex-member Kwong Chiew Foong has attended the 10th Malaysian National Jamboree held at Sik, Kedah from 16 to 24 August 2002. They however spent only 3 days at the Jamboree but the short stints is enough to have a feel of the Jamboree. About 30 participants from Sabah attended the Jamboree headed by Datuk Hj. Murshidi Nambi. The Jamboree site was held in a jungle reserve and quite cramp as compared to the last Malaysian Jamboree held in Terengganu. International participants include from Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Thailand. About 6,000 Scouts was said attending the Jamboree. The Jamboree officiated by the Royal Highness the Sultan of Kedah.

Let's Conquer!
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For the 2nd time, Echo Rovers has conquered Lawa Mandau Hills but with a less degree of success. Out of the group of 10 members, 4 has pulled out on the 2nd day, partly due to the late start of the expedition. They started only 6.00PM and by the time they reached the campsite it was already midnight, or about 1.00AM. The expedition was lead by the Crew Leader himself, Huzaimi and was held from 23 to 25 August 2002. Other activities include compas and map reading, and survival techniques.

Echorovers joined JOTI2002 officially!

It was Farouk's (2nd Assistant Rover Leader) dream to have an official base here at Farida's Bed and Breakfast for the annual Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI) and indeed it was granted on the 18-20 October 2002. 10 Rovers, 1 Assistant Scout leader and 7 Scouts from two troops attended the event. The event was officiated by Stephen Hendriks, the District Commissioner on the 19th October 2002 afternoon. This is also the first time that Kota Kinabalu district has opened its base officially and hopefully for next year there will be more participants and will include Radio Ham for the Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA).

Let's JOTI!
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This is how you do it
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Let's Rock II!

The Crew together with the assistance from the Department for Youth and Sports held its 2nd Wall Climbing event for its members on the morning of November 3, 2002. 7 members and a Scout from 1st KK Troop attended the event. However unlike the first one which was more of a course, this one is more of a training and giving exposure to members on the skills and technique of wall climbing. Nevertheless the wall this time is more challenging as it is a 3-D 10 meters high wall instead of the flat wall. Hasrun was the only one who managed to scaled up the wall even the avid outdoor person Huzaimi could not match him up. A hidden talent perhaps? Congratulations anyway to all of the climbers.

Happy 8th Birthday Echorovers!

After a tiring morning of Wall Climbing, members of the Crew enjoyed the night by celebrating the Crew's 8th Anniversary Party. Chaired by Ezie, the party was a success with lots of food (Barbeque, cakes, fried noodles etc.) and some games. Ex-members of the Crew was also invited as well as family members. The theme of the night was "Something Blue Again".

Anniversary Cake
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6 Members Invested

2002 saw 6 new members invested as full Rovers on the 20 December 2002. They were Jaspal Singh Kalsi, Nasirudin, Najib, Saifudin, Fadley and Malim. The ceremony was compeleted by the Rover Scout Leader, Ahmed Tariq Aripen.


Ahmed Tariq Aripen, the Rover Scout Leader, was one of the representative to the 20th World Scout Jamboree 2003 held at Sattahip, approximate 150km south of Bangkok, Thailand. However, Tariq went as a visitor along with 30 others from the State headed by Jamalaudin Jinal, the Assistant State Commissioner, and another 30 from the Peninsula Malaysia, mostly from Kelantan. In the group also include Datuk Awang Zainie Hj. Suntim, the State Chief Scout Commissioner, and Datuk Hamidin, the National Chief Scout Commissioner.

The tour started on the 26th December 2003 by train from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to Bangkok. Tariq however took a direct flight to Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur. The Jamboree itself started from 27th December 2002 to 8th January 2003. A reported of 24,000 participants attended the Jamboree. However only 2 days, 28th and 29th December 2002, was allocated for the group to visit the campsite. Security was tight most proabably due to the recent terrorist atttack that the tour group have only 3 hours a day of visit. Other places which the group visited including the famous River Kwai Death Railway and Pattaya. The group left Thailand on 31st December 2003.

Tariq at WJ2003 Tariq at River Kwai
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Join-in World Jamboree Penang 2003
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Echorovers Join-in World Jamboree Penang 2003

Not enough with the World Jamboree, Ahmed Tariq, together with two other members of the Crew, Jaspal and Sharwan, attended the Malaysian Join-In World Jamboree held at the Coronation Camp, Penang. The JIJ, which started on 27th December 2002, ended officially on the night of 1st January 2003. The Crew only came on New Years Eve to be together with 600 others, mostly from Penang and some from Perlis, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor, to celebrate the New Year. Although it was raining, it does not stop the participants from having fun. As the trio was the only participant from Sabah, they were automatically became the representative for the State. During the New Year's Eve Celebration, the Trio gave some performance much to the delight of the participants. At the end of the day, the trio benefited the JIJ as it has successfully forged better friendship with the Penang Scout particularly the state level Commissioners, including the Acting Penang State Commissioner, Mr. Chye Onn Teck (Pictured right).

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