Finally, the Kota Kinabalu Diamond Jubilee Celebrations marking 75 years of scouting in Kota Kinabalu, the Sabah State Capital City, is set take off officially on the 17 May 1998 at the historic Padang Merdeka in Kota Kinabalu by the Chief Minister of Sabah cum State Chief Scout, Y.A.B Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

Some of the itenerary of the Launching ceremony includes the launching of the Official Logo, choir by the 1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Troop singing the Official Theme Song, Brass Band show by the 2nd Kota Kinabalu Troop,public exhibitions, and scouting games and competitions like the pioneering project, orienteering, setting up camp blindfolding, semaphore, marching competition and "Treasure Hunts" for the Cub Scouts. 

To make it a memorable event, all Scouts and parents of the scouts within in the region are encouraged to attend this event. The organisers of the event are hoping about 1,000 scouts will turn up for the event.

El Nino postponed Diamond Jubilee Camp '98 

The current water crisis which hit the State Capital believe to be caused by the El-Nino phenomenon since January 1998 has forced the organisers to posponed the Diamond Jubilee Camp '98 until September. 
For those who has paid the Camp fees, the fees will be retained until the Camp unless asked to be returned. Any enquiries can be forwarded to echohome@tm.net.my  or call +60 88 428450 for Sufian Abdul Ghani, the secretary or write to: 
Jawatankuasa Jubli Intan Pengakap KK '98
413 Jalan Saga
Mile 4.5 Jalan Tuaran
89400 Kota Kinabalu
The Organisers also like to apologise for any inconviences caused by this postponment. 


In conjunction with the World Scouting Day on the 22 February 1998, the Kota Kinabalu District Scout Association together with the Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council (KKMC) held a "Gotong Royong" meaning "Doing work together", to clean up the Likas Bay Beach. About 100 Kota Kinabalu scouts and staff of KKMC turned up at the beach at 8.00 am. 

The event was Officiated by Joannes Solidau, and official of KKMC. In his speech, Mr Solidau applauded  the Scouts initiative to clean the beach themselves thus assissting KKMC's mission to beautify the soon-to-be City. Cleanliness, he said, is the key to healthier live. Mr Solidau also announced some of the KKMC's proposal to beautify Kota Kinabalu including a proposed Jogging track between Yayasan Sabah and the Town, jungle track up on Likas hill etc.  

The Gotong Royong is also inline with the Scout movement objective, that is always prepared to serve the community. The Likas Bay Beach is one of the most popular spots in town especially in the evening. 

(Left picture) A scout is handing a plastic bag full of rubbish to one of the workers of KKMC to be disposed.

  Tariq is the new Crew Leader! 

Ahmed Tariq Aripen, the ex-secretary of the Crew has been elected as the new Crew Leader for the year 1998/99 during the Crew's 3rd Annual General Meeting on the 20 February 1998. 

The meeting was officiated by the District Scout Commissioner, Skipper Stephen Hendriks.  In his speech, Skipper Hendriks remind members that the scout's duty is always ready to serve. He is, indeed, proud and commended that the Crew has fulfilled their duties. 

As Likas is the base of the Crew, he also call upon members of the Crew to help reduce the youth problems in Likas area such as loittering (Lepak) and any other immoral activities. This can be done by organising activities for the youth in the area. 

"Knowing more about them (the youths), the Crew can influenced them to join the scout movement" he added. Mr Hendriks also hopes to see more members in the next AGM. 

About 15 of the Crew's member attended the meeting, which was later chaired by the Crew's Scout Leader, Skipper Yusof Hj. Suntim @ Bob. Among the attendance were Datin Farida Abdul Rahman, Manager of Farida's Bed and Breakfast, also the sponsor for the Crew. 

Some of the agenda are the Annual report, reports from the various Committee members and the election of the new Executive Committee Members for 1998/99. 

Competition for the Crew Leader Position was tougher this year where there were three nominees; Ahmed Tariq Datuk Aripen, Ahmed Farouk Aripen and Sufian Abdul Ghani. However, Ahmed Tariq was eventually decided by the Crew to be the new Crew Leader. D.H.Mil Sharif Biok has also agreed to be the Crew's Assistant Scout Leader. 


Ten Rover E Scout Crew has recently gone for an exciting trip of relaxation and fellowship organised for its members to the Kinabalu National Park.  This trip was also joined by 5 other visitors. 

The Park, which is located at about 6,000 ft above sea level is one of the most popular holiday retreats in the Sabah state.  Its cool climate and breathtaking view of the majestic Mount Kinabalu has attracted people of all levels and groups to either relax, organize a party or have a family and friendship gathering. 

A BBQ was the dinner for the night.  And, even though the objective of the activity is for the members to relax and just gather together, the group could not resist a game or two of their favourite game, 'Win Lose or Draw'.  That day though, the group manage with just action and no draw and the fun was really unstoppable that the members which was divided into two group, just could not help challenging each other with clues after clues after clues.  Sleep was out of the question.  The fun goes on and on and on. 

A scout will always be a scout.  The love for nature and outdoor acitivites is irresistible in this Park.  So the very next day, the group has trailed up the Bird's Hill.  The view on top of the hill was breathtaking and so relaxing. 

The whole trip was so exciting that farewell to the Park was impossible.  Nevertheless, the group left for Kota Kinabalu at 2.30pm with a heavy heart and a proposal to do a similar outing in the near future. 


 Final standing of the Crew's Executive Members are: 

Crew Leader Ahmed Tariq Datuk Aripen
Crew Secretary Ahmed Farouk Datuk Aripen
Crew Treasurer Sufian Abdul Ghani
Asst. Secretary Zaidi Atoh
Public Relations Officer Shamshida Awang
Log Book Keeper Huzaimi Ghazali 
Quatermaster (Equipments)  Chong Hon Vun
Quatermaster (Food)  D.H.Mil Razali Biok 
Welfare Officer D.H.Mil Rahman Biok
Head of Women Affairs Adelia Haryanie Junian

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