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Echoes at the Diamond Jubilee Camp 98 
Woodbadge Course Part IV (Scouts and Senior Scouts) 
Farouk the new Crew Leader 
3rd Brunei National Jamboree
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Registration Day!  - 16 May 1999 
Rover Training Camp - End of May 1999
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Hello again everyone!

Sorry for the long, long delay. Since the Diamond Jubilee Celebration Camp 99' last Disember, the whole crew seems to be taking a long, long, long rest! Hopefully with the release of this echonews, the Crew will be up and going again.

Keep in touch.

Echoes at the K.K. Diamond Jubilee Camp 98'

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Commando trail
Skipper Sharif briefs on conservation
Crew members selling burgers and hotdogs
Constructing a bridge
Official opening by the States Chief Scout Commisioner
Secretariat Crew members busy getting ready the program books
The Kota Kinabalu Scouts Diamond Jubilee Camp 98’ was successfully held on the 28 November – 2 December 1998. About 400 Scouts and Leaders from 12 districts attended the Camp. 17 activities were done. The Crew was happy and proud to be heavily involved in organising the Camp. They work all day and night to make it happen. Some of the members were even given some very important positions in the Organsing Camp Committee. The Crew was also appointed as the Camp Secretariat. Some of the members appointed were :

Ahmed Tariq Aripen - Chief Activity
Ahmed Farouk Aripen - Cultural Night
Sufian Abdul Ghani - Chief Secretariat
Kwong Chiew Foong - Head of Emergency Unit
Huzaimi Ghazali - Head of Program Book Publications Unit

Woodbadge Course Part IV (Scouts and Senior Scouts)

Tariq (2nd from right) with the "Green" patrol during the hiking test on 16th December 1998
The Sabah Scout Association held a Woodbadge Leadership Course Part IV (Scouts and Senior Scouts) on the 10-17 December 1998 at the State’s Head Quarters at B.P. House, Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu. 2 members joined the course. They were the Crew Leader, Ahmed Tariq Aripen, and a member, Jasmin Tarmin. It was informed that both succeeded the course and hopefully they will get the beads by 1999 – only if they completed their 5000 words thesis! Good luck anyway. 

Farouk the new Crew Leader

The new 1999/2000 Committee Members - From left (sitting) : Ahmed Farouk, Hilter Yew (Vice Chairman - Council), Yusof Suntim@Bob, Sharif Biok, Merilyn 
From left (Standing) : Ahmed Tariq, Zaidi, Adeliad, Sufian, Andrew
The Crew’s 4th Annual General Meeting was held on 21st March 1999. Outgoing Crew Leader Ahmed Tariq Aripen did not defend his position but was taken over by Ahmed Farouk, his twin brother. Few proposals has been adopted during the meeting such as reducing members monthly fees, reducing the number of Committee Members, increasing the qualification for Crew Leaders and introducing new tests for Rover Squires. The result of the meeting will hopefully bring better administration to the Crew. The new Crew Committee members line-up are as follows :

3rd Brunei National Jamboree 1999

Some of the Crew members who went for the Jamboree:- (From left_ Zaidi, Farouk, Sufian and Adelia. 
Not in picture - Skipper Sharif
5 Echo Rover Crew members have participated in this year's 3rd Brunei National Jamboree, our neighbouring country, from the 26th April to 2nd May 1999. They were our Assistant Rover Leader, Sharif Biok, Farouk, Zaidi, Sufian and Adelia. About 1,500 participant turned up for the event and our State (Sabah) was represented by about 180 Scouts and Scouters.
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Raja Muda sign the Contingent's Guest Book
Some of the performers for the Sabah Nite
Farouk, the Crew Leader testing the Monkey Bridge


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