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Last updated : 10 June 1998 


Starting from this issue onwards, Echonews will be separated from the Diamond Jubilee Updates to make it easier for viewers to understand that Echonews is actually news about the Crew's activities whereas the Diamond Jubilee Updates is handled by the Secretariat of the Diamond Jubilee Committee which is also the Echo Rover Scout Crew. The Diamond Jubilee Updates is part of the Crew's effort and service to help other Scouts (globally) informed. If you wish to know more about the latest development of the Diamond Jubilee, just click on the Diamond Jubilee Updates banner below. 

For the month of May, the Crew have been working hard in promoting, preparing and implementing the launching of the K.K. Scouts Diamond Jubilee Celebration '98. You can see more of the development in the updates. The Crew, also as the Secretariat for the Celebration, will be launching a special page about the Celebration soon sometime in July. So viewers, keep in view. 

8 squires succeeds Vigil test

About eight squires (New members) have succeeded in the Vigil test (Pre-requisted test for all potential members) held on 18-19 April 1998 at the Tg. Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu. They were : 
    1. D.H.Mil Milin Biok Junior 
    2. Chong Hon Vun 
    3. Shamshida Awang 
    4. Merilyn Destiny Malim 
    5. Andrew Voo Kok Chin 
    6. Amran Atoh 
    7. Mariati 
    8. Marni @ Bibi 
The vigil started at 8.00pm and lasted until 4.00 am where thenafter they had a heart-to-heart discussion run by Assistant Rover Scout Leader D.H.Mil Sharif Biok and assisted by the Crew Leader, Ahmed Tariq Aripen. 

They finished at 6.30 am the next day and went home at approximately 7.30 a.m feeling exhausted but happy. 
(Left) Some of the squires taking part in the Vigil test

Renovation of our official web site
The full renovation is being conducted by Mr. Kwong Chiew Foong, the creator of our official web site and it is expect to be completed by next week. Valuable comments and feedback are welcome. Please send your comments and feedback to
Two Members for Wood Badge Course  

Two female members of the Crew, Shamshida Awang and Adelia Haryanie Junian, attended the Part I of the Wood Badge Course held on the 7 June 1998 at the State Scout Association Headquarters at B.P. House, Sembulan. The course was conducted by the South West Coast Scouts Training Division headed by Skipper Hamzah Janang, the District Commissioner for Inanam district.

Echo helps Convent Scouts

In line with the motto of Rovering "Service", five members of the crew has given a hand during the St. Francis Convent Scout Troop Tenderfoot Camp held on the 9th until 11th May 1998.  

Some of the activities were like the blind trail, hiking and cultural Nite (Campfire). There were also involve in the testing of the new recruits as well as teaching knots and flag breaking.


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