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Hello and Welcome again! 

The Crew has completely revamped its homepage to give it a more profesional look and more beneficial and informative for viewers. The Crew has also provide a special page especially for it members - page which contains information and notice boards. Other new feature is the Echo Forum, a forum dedicated for Scouts.The Crew welcomes everyone to participate in the Forum for the good of Scouting. 

This year too we welcome 8 new members or Rover Squires as a result of the Registration Day held at 16 May 1999. They will go through a series of test including Vigil before they will be invested as a Full Rover. The Investiture Ceremony is set to be around September. Hopefully with this new batch of Rovers, the Crew will move even further, Insya Allah. 

At the mean time, happy reading (And Scouting!) 

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Three members of the Crew, Amran Atoh, Huzaimi Ghazali and led by Sufian Abdul Ghani (Standing left to right) have attended the Beaufort District Camp held in May 1999 at Beaufort district, some 100km from Kota Kinabalu. Basically the members were there as observers and to tighten the Scouting friendship. 

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Scouts saluting the Head of StateScout Day 99' 
This year's Scouts Day was held on the 11th May 1999 at the Istana Negeri (State Palace). 16 Scouts received the King Scout Award from the Head of State, Yang Dipertua Tun Sakaran Dandai. Two members of the Crew, Andrew Voo and Kwong Chiew Foong were among the recipients.Chiew Foong however was unable to receive the Award as he is studying abroad. Nevertheless, the Crew would like to congratulate the duo for their fine efforts! 


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Receiving certificate 
Farouk receiving the certificate from the Rotarians
Crew posing with banner 
Members of the Crew posing (From left to right) :- 
Sufian, Farah, Eva, Adelia, Vivi, 2 Rotarians Coordinator, Farouk, Azrol@Boy and Razali@Pau
Eight members of the Crew gave a helping hand to the Kota Kinabalu District Rotary Club in their annual Youth Leadership Training Camp (YLTH) at Kokol Hill, approximately 15km from Kota Kinabalu, between 4th tp 6th of June 1999. They were led by Ahmed Farouk (Leader) followed by Sufian, Farah, Eva, Adelia, Vivi, Azrol@Boy and Razali@Pau. This Camp is also part of the Service test for the Rover Squires. Nearly 100 partipants attended the Camp. The Crew's job was to set up all the  40 Camps including the dining camp, organised the Camp fire night, jungle trekking and cleaning up the camp site; and they really did a good job! The camp also provide a unique experience for the Crew as the camp site is at approximately 800 metres above sea level, thus adopting quite a cool atmosphere. 

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All smiles at campRover Squires Training Camp 
On 3rd and 4th of July 1999, four new members or Rover Squires of the Crew, Azrol@Boy, Farah, Vivi and Fenny was given a training camp at Mamutik Island, 7km off the shore of Kota Kinabalu. Together with them were Sufian (Leader), Razali@Pau, Amran and Eddie. The Camp aims to provide the basic training of becoming a Rover i.e: 
  • Understanding the principles of Rovering
  • Knowing what is Citizenship
  • Basic Survival
  • Knots
  • Estimating width and height
  • Compas and map reading
Camp for a night and 24 hours service is the other tests. Good luck to the Squires!
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flameScouts Cultural Night 99' 
Date : 25 September 1999 
Venue : S.M. All Saints Hall, KK 
Time : 6.30 - 11.00 PM 
All Scouts and Leaders within and around Kota Kinabalu are invited. If interested, please register. 

Mt. Kinabalu Expedition 
Date : 3-5 December 1999 
Mt. Kinabalu 
Open to K.K. Scouts only 
Fees : RM 60.00 (Scouts), RM75.00 (Leaders) 
Fees includes accomodation, permit, insurance, transportation, nametags, certificates and T-Shirt. FOOD is NOT INCLUDED. 
Closing date for registration: 
1st October 1999 
Hurry! 20 spaces left! 

Echo Rover Scout Crew would like to welcome our new members or Rover Squires : 
1. Evawani Andi Samsiar 
2. Farragina Sampil  
3. Fenny Mohd Bongsu  
4. Mohd Azrol Mohd Hanafi  
5. Rahayu Milakarmila Yahya  
6. Rashid Laship  
7. Viviana Primus Chew 
8. Faudzan


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