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Assallamualaikum and greeting to all scouts,rovers,scouters and friends
around the world,

Its always good to say "Its difficult but possible" rather than "its possible but difficult", as I would use this phrase to face the challenge as a crew leader for this season and into the new Mellinium.

Many thanks to my fellow crew for entrusting me into this job and I shall carry it with pride. As my predecessors have done excellent job in carrying out their duties, I hope I will also carry through with even more outstanding results.

Scouting have always been in my spirit and will remain so and being in the rover crew serves my dream. Scouting have taught me to be an independent boy, wherelse rovering have taught me to be a responsible man.

I am proud to be a scout and not just because for myself but because its for the boys and girls.

CREW LEADER 1999/2000
Echo Rover Scout (Open) Crew

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