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This page contains very interesting information on Scouting. If you have any interesting scouting facts to share with, please email to us and we will acknowledged your contributions.

Did you know....

Former Scouts who became well-known leaders:

EntertainersFormer Scouts who became well-known entertainers: Sources : Scouting magazine                 Junji Tomizawa, Japanese Scout

Why a Woggle?

The WooggleThe word woggle was used by Baden-Powell in the 14th edition of Scouting for Boys in 1929....“it (the scarf) may be fastened at the throat by a knot or woggle, which is some form of ring made of cord metal or bone, or anything you like”.

Previous edition refer only to as a "ring".

Click here if you want to learn to make your own woggle.

Source : Scouting magazine, UK

Did you know...

World Map of Scouting

World Scouting

Scouting language

The difference of American and English words (Such as Airplane and Aeroplane, cookie and biscuit, icebox and refrigerator, etc.) also applies in Scouting. For instance a necker is a scarf, a slide is a woggle and a patch is a badge. And if you are thinking of swapping scouting items with them they would usually say a trade, not swap. And get ready a flashlight, not a torch!


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