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Rovering To Success“Rovers are a Brotherhood of the Open Air and Service. They are Hikers on the Open Road and Campers of the Woods, able to shift for themselves, but equally able and ready to be of service to others.”

...Baden-Powell, "Rovering to Success"

“By Rovering I don't mean aimless wandering. I mean finding your way by pleasant paths with a definite object in view”.


Rover scout is the adult section of the Scout movement open to young adults. The age limits for Rovers varies from one country to the other. However most Rovers are open for Scouts above the age of 17 years. Rovering offers fun fellowship and action in areas of interest of all young adults. The action takes place with a great bunch of friends in a Rover Crew.

Brief History of Rovering

Lord Baden Powell
Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell Founder of the World Scout Movement (1857-1941)

Rovering started when older Scouts wanted to engage in activities that were more suited to their interest and abilities. Many wanted to retain the active membership in section where they could carry on a form of advanced Scouting activities.

In 1917 Rovering was officially launched in the U.K. under the name Senior Scouts. In the following year, the name was changed to Rover Scouts.

In 1922 Lord Baden-Powell, the Founder of the World Scout Movement, wrote and published a handbook for the Rover Section called "Rovering to Success". In this he presented the aim and ideals of Rovering and described a way of life he saw as desirable for young men of the period.

In 1931 the first World Rover Moot was held at Kandersteg in Switzerland. This was attended by three thousand Rovers and resulted in the acceptance of Rovers as a world-wide section of the movement.

What do Rovers do?

The programs of the Rover Crew offers you a whole world of activities and interests, some social, some physically and/or mentally challenging, some offering the opportunity to travel around even overseas. As a member of the Crew you will have input into the management of the Crew and the generation of the Crew program. The Crew creates its own program which can be as varied as the ideas and interests of the crew members.The Rover program is based around the following main activity areas:

  1. Service
  2. Social
  3. Outdoor Adventure
  4. Mentally Demanding Activities
  5. Spiritual

( See Ideas for Rovering Activities )

As the motto for Rover Unit is "Service" most of the Rovering programs involves providing services to scout groups, the district, the state, country and the general community.


The internal management of the Rover Crew is in the hands of the Crew members. The Crew's Committee are elected rovers who manage the affairs of the Crew with the help and guidance of the Rover Scout Leader or "Pemimpin Pengakap Kelana" (See the Committee).

Joining a Rover
On The Road To Health And Happiness

You don't need to be a "scout" to join a Rover Unit as long as you're within the age range. However, they will be tests and a probationary periods before you can be accepted and invested as a Crew member. The tests varies from each crew. Perhaps one of the most essential and even an identity for the Rover Scout Unit is the "Vigil" test of which all Rover squires (Rovers-to-be) have to go through. Contact your local Scout Headquarters or any local Rover Scout Crew about membership. Joining a Rover Crew could be one of the most important steps in your life. It can open doors to new friendships, fun, adventure and some unforgettable experiences.


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