Rovering in Malaysia

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It is not known yet when Rovering started in Malaysia. However for Sabah, Rovering first formed in 1926. Only in 1975 Rovering was opened to women.

Generally the Scout movement in Malaysia has been absorbed into the education system to encourage more students to take up extra curricular activities so as to eliminate social ills besides developing individual skills and self development. While the move has contributed to the increase of Scouts membership, it has also developed a poor perception towards the movement. For instance Scouting is thought to be only for school boys and girls and teachers are the Scout leaders. In other words, scoutings are only for schools. As a result, a lot of these Scouts left the movement as soon as they left school, and the number of Scouts drops tremendously as soon as it enter the Rover unit. This has a very huge impact on Rovering as we need these Scouts to continue Scouting and promoting the movement.

It should be stressed that Scouting is not limited to schools only. The Scout movement recognizes this and offers another section of the scout movement that is the Rover Scout unit. Scout Leaders and Assistant Scout Leaders of a group too can be a member of a Rover Scout Crew or form their own Crew.

Rover scout or "Pengakap Kelana" in Malaysia is open to men and women between the ages of 18 to 40 years old, which is the age defined for "Youth" in Malaysia. Rovering offers fun fellowship and action in areas of interest of all young adults. The action takes place with a great bunch of friends in a Rover Crew or "Kumpulan Kelana".

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