Rovers Training Scheme - Details

Tenderfoot Badge

The Tenderfoot Badge requires the Rover Squire to memorise and understand the Scout Promise, Scout Laws, the objectives of Scouting, the History of Scouting, to do 6 hours of services and to know the basic Scouting knots.

Rovers Epaulette

The Rovers Epaulette is the indication that the Rover has been officially invested. Before a Rover can wear the Epaulette, he/she must first go through a probationary period of 3 months. After completing the probationary period and proving his/her determination the Rover will then need to go through the "Vigil" test. Going through the "Vigil" test or period of self-examination is perhaps the identity of a Rover Scout.

Ramblers Badge

The ramblers badge requires the Rover Scout to go through a serious of expedition. Either :

  • hiking for a total distance of 150 km;
  • rafting for a total distance of 150 km;
  • expeditions by motorbike for a total distance of 700km; or
  • expeditions by car for a total distance of 1,100 km.
Service Badge

A Rover Scout need to be a qualified first aider, knows survival skills technique and either knowledgeable in fire fighting, life saver or can be an interpretator to qualify for the Service Badge.

Project Badge

The Project Badge requires the Rover Scout to do either Agricultural project, Business, Carpentering or Woodcrafting, or Community Welfare.

Cultural Activity Badge

To earned the Cultural Activity Badges, the Rover Scout must be critical and knows about either Arts, Poetry, Drama, Philosophy, Architectural, Music or Traditional Culture.

National Affairs Badge

In this Badge, the Rover Scout must know the laws of building Government Constitutions, and knows about:

  • Government agencies;
  • Local Government;
  • Local Adminstrations;
  • Industrial, Commerce and Agricultural;
  • Free Trade;
  • Laws;
  • Politics and the Mass Media; or
  • Community Welfare
International Affairs Badge

The Rover Scout must develop World Friendship and knowledgeable in :

  • World Affairs
  • International Co-operation
  • Commercial connections
  • Humanity
Scouting Skills Badge

In the Scouting Skills Badge, the Rover Scout needs to possess skills in Camping, Hiking or Marching, Sea activities an either Pioneering, Expeditions or Communications.


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