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Nowadays it is very difficult to find people that would spend their time to do service to others - for FREE! Everything cost and nothing is free. But sometimes it is not just the money but the time. They may also want to help but do not want to be actively involve in the activities.

Scouting recognized such people and caters their needs and that is by being a non-uniform member of a Crew's Council. As a non-uniform member, they can support the Crew's activities in many ways. They can become badge testers if they are good in a particular subject or activity. They can also help in fund raising which always necessary to carry out projects. Or they can just look after the welfare of the Crew.

If you are living within in Kota Kinabalu and are interested in volunteering as a non-uniform member of Echo Rover Scout Council, just email us or mail us your intention and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

By volunteering as a non-uniform member, it can help people to make the most of their limited time to do good to others. By volunteering too it helps people to know more about the people around them and create networks that can be useful for their future undertakings.


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