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We would very appreciate if you could help us by filling in the questionnaire below:

1. Age 
Under 18 years  18-25 years  26-40 years  41-55 years  Above 55years
Male  Female

4. Are you a Scout? 
Yes  No  Interested to be  Potential Member
5. Position in Scouting (If applicable) 
Commisioner  Leader  Rover/Venturer  Scout  Cub Scout  Not a Member 
Others : 
Years in Scouting (If applicable) 
None  Less than a year  1-3 years  4-9 years  10-19 years  Over 20 years
How much do you know about Scouting? 
Expert  Quite a lot  OK  Not a lot  Recruit


What do you think of  Scouting today? (You can choose more than one answer) 
Very helpful and beneficial to the community  Not as helpful as before 
Progressed well  A waste of time 
A bit quiet  Lacking indiscipline 
Nothing much We can do without them
 Others : 


What do you think of the  future of Scouting? 
Will be the way of life  Bright  OK  Blur  History 
Others : 


What kind of improvement(s) do you want to see in Scouting? (You can choose more than one answer) 
More Funding  Better Leadership Quality 
More Membership More Adult Members 
More Aggressive Promotion  More Community Services
Others : 



If you like to add anything, please fill in the space below :- 

Thank you for your time.

"Service and Brotherhood"

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