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Our Overall Goal : The Vision of a Community


The community and its people are advancing toward their God-given potential by:

  • Being facilitated to progress beyond meeting their basic needs
  • Having growing groups of transformed people, loving God and one another, manifesting the fruit of care and concern, reaching out to serve others.

Understanding Key words in the VOC

  • Community and its People. - Our help must ultimately benefit the community and its people (not just national or church levels).
  • Advancing. - We desire to create a process that keeps spreading.
  • God-given potential is the aim, not FHI’s potential.
  • Facilitated. - We help people do their own development.
  • Basic needs. - Entire range of needs
  • Transformed people. - People whose lives have been changed by the values of VOC.
  • Manifesting the fruit of Care and Concern. - Doing practical projects for the benefits of the community.

Three Partner Groups in the VOC

  • FHI workers are increasingly reaching out to the community.
  • Leaders are increasingly solving problems
  • Families are increasingly meeting each other’s needs.