Tanjong Aru Lions Club's Birth Story

The idea of forming the Lions Club of Tanjong Aru was first mooted by Charter President of Lions Club of KK Metro, Lion Robert De Souza, who felt then than it would be a timely "gift" for his club's ten Anniversary Celebration on 18th September 1991.

A meeting was called in mid July, 1991 with the assistance of past president of KK Downtown, Lion Victor Wah and 16 potentials attended. This led immediately to a 2nd meeting at Sri Melaka Restaurant, where a Protem Committee was formed which Lion Victor Wah at the helm. 12 potentials signed up. A series of meeting followed but failed to recruit more potentials. Meanwhile, members indulged in new-founded fellowship and enriching orientation talks

It was not until April the following year that the pace was quicken, with 5 consecutive Monday meeting at a stretch held at the Avasi Restaurant, the committee, finally managed to recruit additional 9 members. An election meeting was held on 15th June, 1992 with 19 out of 21 new members attended and the Charter President and the first Board of Directors were elected in the usual democratic manner. The Club's Charter was officially approved by Lions International on 16th July, 1992.

Lions Club of Tanjong Aru
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