What Is Lionism

Distilling The Essence

LIONISM, started with the dream of one man, Melvin Jone, is now a philosophy of life for over 1.4 millions people throughout the world. The principles are enshrined on our LIONS OBJECTs and CODE OF ETHICS.

It is a value-system which calls for every Lion to bring out the best in himself and transmit the values to his fellowmen.

It is a way of life that enriches the quality of living. It puts more life into your year (quality) and more year into your life (quantity). It promotes personal growth through "Service Above Self".

LIONISM teaches core-values to members:-

1. Be a Better Person

  • By promoting Professional in our vocation. To Work Hard so that we may merit a Reputation for Quality of Service.
  • To be Loyal to our Clients or Customers and above all to Ourselves.
  • To instil Self-Respect by earning success of profit through Honesty. And not to gain it at the price of our self-respect lost through undue advantage taken or commit questionable acts on our part.
  • Tp build up our business strictly on our Merit and not by running down other people's.
  • Learning the meaning of True Friendship and not abusing it.
  • Have Self-Honesty and Integrity whenever a doubt arises, resolve the doubt against ourselves.
  • Be Patriotic to our country by fulfilling the obligations of good citizenship.
  • Be Effective Leaders by using positive reinforcement (praise) and not negative action (criticisms).
  • To build up and not destroy.

2. Build a Better Comminity

  • By Giving freely of our Time and Means to our fellowmen. sympathy to those in distress and subtance to the needly.
  • To encourage our neighbours and friends to Serve the community without financial reward.

3. Be a Citizen of The World

  • By creating and fostering a Spirit of Understanding among the peoples of the world.
  • By Uniting and clubs in the bonds of Friendship, good Fellowship and Mutual Understanding.
  • This is achieved through participation in:-

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