Who Are The Lions

We are the Volunteer Members of Clubs grouped under an International Organization where we enjoy Fellowship, develop our Leadership capacities, and dedicate part of our free time to Help Those In Need all over the world, while making our individual communities a better place to live in.

The Three Pillars of Lionism:


To Enjoy Lionism, remember the acronym : ROPE

R READ and understand the principles and the applications of Lionism.
O ORGANISE all your club activities based on the Principles of Lionism.
P PRACTISE the priciples yourself and transmit them to fellow members.
E Be ENTHUSIASIC by learning to enjoy whatever you do.

Lions Club of Tanjong Aru
P.O. Box 13380, 88838 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia
Office Phone: 088-251741   Fax: 088-217794
Email: liontaru@sabah.org.my
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