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To enhance the quality life of patients through total care
in a homely and caring environment.
To provide stimulation through activities whilst focusing on individual needs and choices, encouraging self-respect and self-esteem.
To provide respite care for carers and patients.
To provide an opportunity for patients to interact with other patients suffering from similar predicament.
To provide psychological support and alleviate feelings of isolation.
To provide a friendly atmosphere for patients to relax and enjoy the company of other patients, staff and volunteers.
To provide basic medical/nursing care where appropriate to aid and improve physical well being.
Home Care patients of the Palliative Care Association through recommendation of nurse coordinators.
Patients under the care of the Palliative Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital through recommendation of the PCU team.

Art and Handicrafts
Audio visual entertainment
Board/indoor games
Grooming (haircut/manicure)
Medical consultation
Music and dance
Refreshment and Lunch

Home Care is the main programme thrust of the Association and is run for the benefit of the community. Besides supporting and working closely with the Palliative Care Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital also help to provide care to patients with incurable cancer and their families. Home Care is a support service provided absolutely free to the home of the patient / family.

Services offered by Home Care are :-
 Managing and providing adequate pain and symptoms control for patients at home with medications and medical aid.
 Nurse coordinators will receive referrals, visit the patient and family within 48 hours of referral, assess their needs, implement a plan of care, allocate a volunteer to suit the patient / family requirements, continue to visit patient and are responsible to constantly evaluate the condition / situation of the patient and family.
 Regular home visits by nurse coordinators, volunteer doctors, nurses and lay volunteers to ensure patients and carers are coping with the progressive illness.
 Even when the patients who are on Home Programme is hospitalized during the course of the illness, volunteers continue to make regular visits to them at  the hospital ward.
 Help patient and family to resolve problems / issues pertaining to physical, psycho-social, emotional, financial and spiritual aspects by referring to the relevant personnel / authorities.
 Empower family members to cope with  the daily basic needs of the patient by teaching and supervising the carers to do bathing, lifting, mouth care, wound dressing, nail care, hair washing, etc.
 Help to arrange patients for admission to Palliative Care Unit as and when required.
 Assess and provide medical aids and equipment on free loan basis.
 Assist family members to achieve quality life for the patient.
 Offer advice on issues pertaining to death and dying.
 Bereavement follow-up visits to offer support to family members. 


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