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O rdinary Members

Membership is open to all:

L ife Members

Membership is open to all ordinary members.

C ommercial Members

Membership is open to any firm, commercial or industrial organisation.

H onorary Members

Distinguished persons who have rendered notable service to the Association or to the understanding of diabetes may on the recommendation of the Council be elected Honorary Members by a majority vote at a General Meeting.

Application for membership except Honorary, shall be made in writing to the Secretary of the local Branch, who shall submit it to the Branch Committee for approval.  The Branch Committee may at its discretion reject any application without assigning any reason therefor.  Applications for membership in centres where no Branches have been established shall be dealt with in the same way by the General Honorary Secretary and the Council.

Exemption from payment of the usual subscription may, at the discretion of the Council, be allowed for any member deserving such consideration.

A member whose subscription is in arrears for one (1) calendar year and has been notified of the fact by A.R. registered post and has not paid up within two (2) calendar months of the posting of such notice shall be deemed to have defaulted and shall cease to be a member.

The Branch Honorary Secretary shall keep a register of the Branch and the General Honorary Secretary shall keep a register of all members of the Association.

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