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Perutusan Presiden


I am very grateful to have been given the privilage to address my greeting to all pensioners in Sabah, wishing them happy retirement. I am sure some of you may not initially get over the fact that of the sudden change of your routine; as you are no longer going to your office, as your are no longger needed, even though you might served for over 30 years or so, so you feel miss your ex-colleague. you may feel dejected, lonely and sidelined. Some may be in despair because your income is reduce to half of your basic wage. All these are the facts of live and cycle that we have to go though. All these could be over comes through times in order to past your time, keep yourself occupied by joining a club or voluntrey organization that your like, or others activity that a benefical to you and the society.

Probably the Sabah Government Pensioners Association (PPKS), established in 1999 would be your choice, its objectives briefly are to develop friendship, fellowship and mutual respect among pensioners in the civil service of the State and Federal Government. And to liaise with the Government on matters paertaining to the problems of penssioners. For detail information please refer to the PPKS Constitution.

Pensioners are therefore cordially encouraged to join the Association for fellowship and participate inthe various preferred activities that would be initiated by members themselves.PPKS welcomes those who know dancing, or any form of physical exersices to form the group among them so there will be a continuous of various types of activities to keep the members occupied. At the moment we have organized tours both internal and outsided the country, Veteran Badminton tournaments, fellowship dinner and dance, karaoke, etc.

At the moment we have negotiated and got discounts for members for purchases at Pharmacy shops, spectacles shop, hotel. KK/ Sandakan/ tawau bus fare and etc. We are trying to obtain more benefits but we need to have the membership quantity to support our request. If we have a small number of members we will not have a good bargaining power. There are over 25,000 pensioners in Sabah so we hope and aspect a bigger number of them would join up to make PPKS a stronger force for the benefit of the pensioners themselves

Dr. Florentius Epin Bin Benaik


Sabah Government Pensioners' Association



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