The first AGM of the Association was held on 30th April 1988 at Palace Hotel and a new committee was elected with En. Peter Pragas as Chairman, En. Charles Jayasuriya, as Vice-chairman, En. Francis de Silva as Secretary and En. Sigesmund Kinjau as Treasurer. The membership increased from the original 17 to 27. All the officials were re-elected in 1990/91. In the next AGM Mr. Peter Pragas declined to take any position and so Mr. (now Datuk) Charles Jayasuriya was elected as the Chairman. Mr. Spencer Lim became Vice-chairman, Datuk Babu Singh Ramday was elected as Secretary and Mr. Liew Chen Tatt was elected as Treasurer. There was rapid increase in membership, which swelled to 617 in 1994. In the 1995 election Mr. James Chin Tet Siong became Vice-chairman and Mr. Thomas Lam Wing Kong became Treasurer. The same officials ware retained in the recent election as well.

The Present Management Committee

Chairman - Datuk Charles P. Jayasuriya

Vice Chairman - Mr. James Chin Tet Siong

Hon. Secretary - Datuk Babu Singh Ramday

Hon. Treasurer - Mr. Thomas Lam Wing Kong

Asst. Secretary - Mdm. Annie Liew

Committee Member - Mr. Chia Yaw Yin

Committee Member - Mr. Frederick Lingam

Committee Member - Mr. Robert Chin Hon Sing

Committee Member - Mdm. Winnie Funk Lee Yun

Committee Member - Puan Hjh. Sadiqa Cureem

Committee Member - Mdm. Winnie Flora Ashton

Internal Auditor - Mr. K. J. Joseph

Internal Auditor - Mr. Chin Nyuk Ping

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