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Cheshire Disability Resource Centre

After years of providing residential services to the physically disabled persons, Cheshire Home is changing its forms to be in line with a new vision and mission to Leonard Cheshire Disability in disability work which emphasis on human rights framework that will ensure disabled person enjoys equal rights and access to resources and opportunity as those enjoyed by the non disabled.


The CDRC programs will emphasis on:-


Advocacy and Campaign


Rights based advocacy and campaigning: promotion of the rights of people with disabilities through awareness campaigns, seminars and conferences aimed at creating positive attitudes towards disability. 


Data collection. In collaboration with universities, undertake, encourage and disseminate new research to increase the availability of accurate information and knowledge on disability.


Development of Young Voices, a group of young disabled to advocate and campaign for their rights.


Formation of parents groups and community support groups.


Economic Empowerment

Promotion of economic empowerment opportunities by working with public and private sector employers, training institutions, Chambers Of Commerce and microfinance institutions to create employment and business opportunities for Persons With Disabilities.


Areas that can be ventured into are bakery, craft, fruit farming, hospitality, mobile phone repairs etc.


Inclusive Education

It is estimated that large % of children and young people with disabilities do not attend school due to the lack of disabled facilities and access.  This project component will focus on the inclusion of children with disabilities into the state education system by creating a supportive environment for inclusive education



Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation


 Currently, there is a dire need of physical and occupational rehabilitation services in the State. This provision of such services will be complementary to those provided by the Government hospitals.


The CDRC once operational will be equipped with all locally available aids, assertive devices and appliances for use and as demonstration models.


Outreach Service [Community Based Rehabilitation


Community based rehabilitation services will be provided through community workers trained by the CDRC. The Community Workers will provide support to people with disabilities within their homes in the areas of physiotherapy, psycho social and disability care in the respective district who are unable to travel to the Centre. They will also train their partners, parents and care givers


Networking and Resource Mobilization


Networking and collaboration with NGOs, Government agencies and civil society organizations will continue to ensure disability is mainstreamed within the development process. The CDRC is responsible for the development of new proposals/activities for fundraising to ensure the sustainability of its operations.


Residential Care


 The Cheshire Homes in Malaysia has a long history of providing residential care for persons with disabilities. The CDRC will further enhance quality of care giving by providing knowledge and skill training through a training package developed in collaboration with other ministries and organisation




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