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1. Public Forum and education.

This is carried out regularly to disseminate information about cancer, its risks factors and ways of prevention. This is usually done by giving public lectures and the display of posters depicting various types of cancer.

2. Rural Health Clinics

This is one of our major activities. A group of volunteers consisting of doctors, nurses and other volunteers go to the rural areas to promote awareness of cancer amongst the rural people. During these visits talks on cancer in the local dialect as well as screening for cancer, e.g. Pap smear, are carried out. Sometimes difficult terrain have to be negotiated in order to reach these rural people who are living in isolated areas.

3. Breast Cancer Support Group

This self-help group initiated by members of the Society deals with women who have breast cancer or who have had breast cancer operation. This group works closely with the surgeons at our General Hospital. They will visit patients prior to breast cancer surgery and share personal experiences with one another. The trust and rapport established during these visit to patients whilst in hospital as well as in their homes make affected women emotionally and physically prepared.

4. Home Hospice Programme

This is a project which we have added to our on-going programme. It was formed in March 1993, with the aim of providing palliative care to patients with advanced cancer in their own homes. There are three tiers of volunteers involved in this programme, and consists of doctors, nurses and lay volunteers. They are all under the co-ordination of a Nurse Co-ordinator who arranges groups of volunteers to visits patients in their homes. These volunteers administer care and support to the patients after appropriate training, e.g. a nurse may administer injectable morphine. Due to the non-cooperation of one or two surgeons in Q.E.H. no patients were referred to the Society recently and so this programme has stagnated. The Societ is depending on self referrals and referrals from Private Practitioners.


The Cancer Society of Sabah also provide financial aid to needy patients and their relatives. This occurs when cancer patients from the rural areas have to come to Kota Kinabalu for Radiotherapy or for the administration of anti-cancer drugs. Financial Aid is usually used to pay for transport or to buy food for the relatives who accompany these patients. In some cases financial aid is also given to buy a special device such as a chemoport.


A regular cancer screening clinic is held on every Saturday afternoon in our Society's office. The aim of this is to provide an avenue for people who are worried about cancer to be examined and to be counselled on the ways to prevent cancer. The clinic is usually manned by a doctor with the assistance of a nurse.

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