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Membership Application

Application for membership by voluntary organizations registered with the Registrar of Societies and engaged in any form of social welfare, community or humanitarian work or services may be submitted on line by using relevant application form. Such application shall be approved by the Minister of Community Development & Consumer Affairs Sabah.

[This form shall be used by any Voluntary Welfare Organisation which may wish to apply for membership with the Sabah Council of Social Services]

Sabah Council of Social Services Enactment 1997 Section 4[a]

Name of Organisation: 
Place of Registration: 
Correspondence Address: 
Tel. No. : 
Facsimile No:
E-Mail :
Registration Certificate No:
Date of Registration: 
No. of Paid-Up Members:
Objectives of the Organisation:
List of Principal Office Bearers: 
1. President/Chairman:
2. Deputy President/Chairman:
3. Secretary General:
4. Treasurer General:
11. Activities of Organisation:

12. Documents Enclosed, Please fax over to: 088-211624 once this form is submitted:
i. Copy of the approved constitution
ii. Copy of the Registration Certificate
iii. Audited Statement of Account