Objectives & Purposes

The Society has all the rights and duties of a National Red Cross/Red Crescent Society

as a member of the International Red Cross and the League of Red Cross Societies,

and shall be prepared to act as an authorised Voluntary Aid Society

subject to the provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

                                                         In pursuing these objects and purposes it shall be the duty of the Society



To maintain a permanent and active organisation to relieve sickness, suffering or distress especially in the casualties of war irrespective, of race, class, creed or political considerations such organisation being capable of rapid mobilisation and effective expansion to meet the needs of war, disaster or other emergencies.

To promote the formation of Branches and subsidiary units and exercise a general control over their work which includes obtaining subscribing members and the raising, training and maintaining of Detachments and Member Groups to carry on the various activities of the Society.
To arouse and maintain public interest the work of the Society and to organise appeals for funds.
To co-operate with the Government and Local Authorities and other Voluntary organisations engaged in work similar to that of the Society provided that the Society retains administrative control over its own funds, personnel and material, and does not share, for appeal or other purposes, the Red Crescent name or emblem.
To rely for its maintenance on voluntary contributions and wherever possible to give its services free, provided that certain regular and specified services may be administered on the basis that those who are able and willing should contribute towards expenses, and provided also that grants in aid may be accepted from the Government and local Authorities for meeting the expenses of any specified service undertaken at their request.
To undertake work in accordance with the above mentioned principles and in particular the functions of protection, assistance, health and welfare and protection of the environment and to provide courses of instruction in those subjects which may be open to the public.
To take all necessary steps to prevent the illegal use or abuse of the Red Cross/Red Crescent emblem or the unauthorised use of the Society's name, uniform or badges.
To consider and approve in appropriate cases recommendations for the bestowal of distinctions and badges of the Society.

To encourage and promote the Red Crescent Youth movement, the aims of which are to teach the formation of healthy habits of living the importance of service to others, the development of a sense of social responsibility and the strengthening of the great bond of international friendship existing between Red Cross/Red Crescent Youth members all over the world.