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hostel.jpg (40326 bytes)Bukit Keramat Girls Hostel

  1. There are a fairly substantial number of young girls who have been discharged from the Welfare Institutions upon reaching the age limit. These young people, especially the young girls when they are not returning to their own home would be exposed to undesirable elements in their work environment. It is considered most appropriate that they should be provided with a moderate disciplinary environment to prevent them from any unhealthy living.
  2. It was observed there are some rural girls coming to work or receive training in the city. They may required budget and safe accommodation until they feel confident to live alone without supervision.

Criteria of Intake

  1. It is limited to young girls who are agreeable to be submitted to some form of supervision in their living environment;
  2. At intake they must have attained the age of 16 years and below 5 years;
  3. They must agree to pay the rental in advance or make separate arrangement for the payment which is acceptable by the Council;
  4. They must adhere to the rules and regulations of the hostel; and
  5. They are to look after their own affairs, keep the hostel clean and tidy and do their own cooking.

Fees Payable

RM10.00 per person/night; or
RM00.00 per person/month or any amount which is specially approved by the Minister.

Beds & Facilities Available

Six [6] rooms double bedded with fan, dressing table, desk, cupboard, shower room and toilet attached. Living room and kitchen available.

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