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Caring With A Heart

How the Society Raises Funds

Medical treatment for patients cost an average of RM24,000 and it is almost impossible to send every patient in the waiting list. As the list of patients seeking treatment keeps growing, the S.O.S. can only hope for more DONATIONS to pour in, thus ensuring a second chance at life to the less fortunate.

Besides donations, the S.O.S. Heart Fund society raises funds from subscriptions and entrance fees, albeit the fact that subscriptions and entrance fees are minimal.

The S.O.S. also receives grants from the Ministry of Social Welfare and at any one time, any donation, no matter how small is welcomed to the Society.

The Catheterisation Unit

In an effort to save on expenditure for invasive investigations overseas, and to reduce the waiting time for patients, the S.O.S. Heart Fund Society decided to raise funds in 1988 for a catheterisation unit. The unit, costing almost RM2.0 million was finally purchased with donations from the public sector and grants from the Government. Today, the unit is located at the SMC(Sabah Medical Centre), not only for the use of the S.O.S. patients but for members of the public as well.

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