Types of membership:-

Ordinary Membership

Membership to the Association shall be opento all child developmentalists of eighteen(18) years and above who shallabide by the Aims and Objectives of the Association. Each individual memberis entitled to one (1) vote at Annual General Meetings and ExtraordinaryGeneral Meetings of the Association. Ordinary Member can hold office.

Life Membership

This shall be to any child-developmentalistsof eighteen (18) years and above who pays a one-time membership fee asprescribed by Article 4.1. Each Life Member is entitled to one (1) voteat Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings. Life memberscan hold office.

Associate Membership

This shall be open to any interested individualdesiring to foster the aims and purpose of the Association, subject tothe approval of the Executive Committee, on payment of a membership feeset by the Executive Committee, Associate Members cannot vote or hold office.

Honorary Membership

This may be offered by the Executive Committeeto person/persons who have contributed actively and outstandingly to theadvancement in the field of child-care and child development in Malaysia.Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.


This shall be open to any Organisational interestedin child-care subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and onpayment of a membership fee set by the Executive Committee. AffiliatedOrganisations shall send not more than two (2) representatives to any activitiesof the Association. They shall not have the power to vote or hold office.


Application Form

Every application for membership shall be proposedand seconded by two existing members. Each applicant shall fill in a prescribedapplication form which shall be forwarded to the Secretary who shall atthe first convenient opportunity, submit it to the Executive Committeefor approval. The Executive Committee may at its discretion reject anyapplication without assigning any reason therefor.

Every applicant whose applicant has been approvedas aforesaid shall, upon payment of the annual subscription, be admittedas a member of the Association and shall be entitled to all the privilegesof membership.


Any member who wishes to resign from the Associationshall give one (1) month's notice in writing to the Secretary and shallpay up all outstanding dues.


Any member who fails to comply with the rulesof the Association or has acted in a manner to bring disrepute upon theAssociation may be expelled or suspended for a period of time as the Committeedeems fit. Before the Executive Committee expels or suspends the member,the member shall be informed of the grounds for such expulsion or suspensionin writing and be given an opportunity to explain and absolve himself inperson. Such suspension or expulsion shall be enforced, unless otherwisereversed by a general meeting upon appeal by the said member.


The subscription payable shall be as follows:

Ordinary Membership .....................RM20.00 per annum

Associate Membership ....................RM20.00 per annum

Institutional Membership.................RM50.00 per annum

Honorary Membership.................... RMNIL

Life Membership..............................RM20.00 per annum

Payment of Annual Membership fees shall bepayable to the Treasurer in January of each calendar year.

Any member who delays payment of his membershipfee by two (2) months shall receive a written notification signed by theSecretary.

Any member who further delays payment feestwo (2) months after the notice has been served may have his membershipterminated at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Special subscription or levies for particularpurposes may be raised from members by resolution of the General Meetingof the Association. If any member fails to pay such subscription withinsuch period as may be resolved, the amount due shall be treated in thesame way as areas of annual subscription.

Collections for particular purposes may beraised from members of the Association.

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