Sabah Family Planning Association
Background Information

Voluntary family planning services were first mooted and introduced into Sabah by two enthusiastic volunteers, namely Dr. Nigel E.F. Lever and Mr. G.N. Nickalls, who were the pioneers and founders of the Sabah Family Planning Association. With the moral support and encouragement of Dr. Sushila Gore, the then Medical Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) of South East Asia and Oceanic Region, both Dr. Lever and Mr. Nickalls were able to recruit more voluntary medical and paramedical members to form the Association. The original birth place of the Sabah Family Planning Association was in Sandakan where the first Branch was established on 16th February 1967 and was officially registered on 6th July 1967 as a voluntary organisation. A Protem Council of Management was set up on 17th March 1967 under the Sandakan Branch with the view of forming a constitutional governing and coordinating body for the Association when more Branches had been set up throughout the state in future. A Constitutional Council of Management was formed on 21st April 1967.

Formation of other Branches

The second Branch was formed in Kota Kinabalu on 21st April 1967 with Datuk Dr. Lai Kuen Fong as Chairman and was registered on 6th February 1969. With the formation of the two Branches, Dr. Nigel Lever was elected as the first Council Chairman.

From 1967 to 1977, Sabah Family Planning Association was given "Observer Status" at the IPPF Regional Council. On 19th December 1977, Sabah Family Planning Association was affiliated to the Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia (FFPAM) as one of the 13 States Family Planning Associations.

Since its formation, Sabah Family Planning Association has been receiving grants from IPPF. It is one of the 20 member organisations of Sabah Council of Social Services and receives annual grant from the Council.

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