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Central Executive Committee

Central Executive Committee (2004-2006)

The management of the Society is the responsibility of the Central Executive Committee whose members are elected for a 2-year term in the Biennial General Meeting. The current term Committee comprises the following members:- 


Mr Samat Lakai

(Chairman of Management & Staff Affairs committee)


Vice President

Puan Zahrah Yaacob

(Chairperson of Wallace Sheltered Workshop committee)

Honorary Secretary

Mr Anthony Sia
(Chairman of Property Affairs committee)


Honorary Treasurer

Madam Clarice Moiji

(Chairperson of Finance and Fund Raising committee)


Mr Maraban Tungkil

CEC member

(Chairman of Employment & Placement committee)


Madam Siti Jineh Jaimon

CEC member

(Chairperson of Education & Welfare committee)


Mr Wong Vui Yin

CEC member

(Chairman of Library & Information committee)


Mr Peter Gumba Agaram

CEC member

(Chairman of Information Technology committee)


Mr Peter Vitalis

CEC member

(Chairman of Public Awareness committee)


Mr G Baloo

CEC member

(Chairman of Sports & Recreation committee)


Mr Sakai Lakai

CEC member

(Chairman of Endowment Fund committee)


Mr Geoffrey Dionysius

CEC member

(Chairman of Sales & Marketing committee)


Dr Dayang Sayalam

CEC member

(Chairperson of Prevention of Blindness committee)


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