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A Gift of Love

Every year has a special meaning for the Society and the community it serves. The services cater for all ages and are aimed at enabling blind people to take control of their own lives, and to help themselves. The challenges for the present and for the future are human ones largely the same as in previous years, namely, to appreciate that, despite the loss of sight, much can be done to enrich life and what we make of our own lives is what ultimately counts: to realise that people and our relationships with them, personal happiness and a capacity to be of worth to others, are the things that really matter, and no one should be denied the enjoyment of them. The Society believes in the right of blind people to an education as the way forward to a dignified life of work, purpose and meaning.

The Society relies on the generosity of supporters, whose donations help translate its responsibilities and aspirations into reality, and acknowledges with deep gratitude the contributions received. We feel that the Society is here to be seen as an organisation worthy of continuing support.

Please make your generous donations to the address below:

(Pertubuhan Bagi Orang-orang Buta Sabah)
121, 2nd Floor, Jalan Gaya
P O Box 10720
88807 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

Donation can be make in Money Order / Postal Order / Crossed Cheque payable to Sabah Society for the Blind.

We would like to know you too!
Please enclose with your donation your name, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail so that we can send you an official receipt. Your donation is exempted from income tax under the provision of the Income Tax Ordinance 32 Section No. 32(2) (C) Gazette No. 577


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