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- Tariq the new Rover Advisor!
Vigil 2002
- Echorovers assisted District's Sixers Course
- Three for Papar District Camp 2002
- Training Camp at Kibambangan
- Echorovers join in Scouts Day
- 2 Members for Woodbadge course Part 1
- Campfire at Penampang
- Echorovers doing their part for World Environment Day 2002

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AHMED TARIQ ARIPEN, the 1998/9 and 2001/2 Crew Leader, has took over the job as the new Rover Scout Leader (R.S.L) for the Crew. Outgoing R.S.L. Yusof Hj. Suntim @ Bob has given the mandate to Tariq, 30, to lead the Crew after holding the position since the Crew's formation in 1994.

Tariq, a Woodbadge 2 beads holder, is part of the Crew's Protem Committee in 1994. Beside serving 2 terms as a Crew Leader, Tariq has served the Crew as a Secretary and Special Task Officer. Tariq is assisted by Sufian Abdul Ghani, who is the Assistant R.S.L. since 2001, and Ahmed Farouk Aripen, who was also chosen to be the second assistant R.S.L. this year.

Huzaimie Mohd Ghazali, the Crew's Secretary in 2001/2, was elected as the new Crew Leader for the 2002/3 season. Rahayu Milakarmila Yahya was elected as the new Secretary while Rozie Bongsu remain as the Crew's Treasurer. For more details on the Crew's Committee line up for the year 2002/3, please click here.

VIGIL 2002

The Crew's 5th Vigil was held on 9-10 March 2002 at Tg. Aru Beach. 11 new members of the Crew, Jaspal, Saifudin, Hasrun, Fadley, Malim, Irwan, Najib, Zahir, Nasirudin, Afie and Fenny attended the Vigil.

The Vigil started at 6.00PM with camp and campfire making. Dinner was served at 7.00PM and by 8.00PM the discussion session begin. Two discussion sessions were held before a night hike at 1.00AM and followed by an hour of privacy. The final discussion session was held at 4.00AM and was finally over by 6.00AM. A simple but meaningful ceremony to invest the new Rovers as Rover Squires of the crew was held to mark the event over.

We've made it!
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Echorovers helps Sixers Course

Sixer course
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As part of the Crew's services to the district, 6 members of the Crew, has served the district's Sixers Course from 22 to 24 March 2002 at the Datuk Simon Private Primary school, King Fisher Park, Kota Kinabalu. All the members served as a "Pebimbing" whose job includes taking care and advising the Six they were put responsible for. About 45 Cubs from 6 different Pack has attended the course. The course was officially closed by Mr. Philip Chin, the State Scout Training Head.

Three for Papar District Camp 2002

Three members of the Crew - Ahmed Tariq Aripen (leader), Ahmed Farouk Aripen and Jaspal Singh Kalsi attended the Papar District Camp which was held on the 14th to 17th March 2002 at Kimanis Beach, Papar. Although it was a week long camp, the Crew attended only one night that is the last night on 16th-17th March just to be together at their Campfire night. The trio gave a brief performance much to the enjoyment of the participants and indirectly forged closer relationship between the two district. Papar District Camp 2002
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The Crew held its second training camp at Kg. Kibambangan in the neighbouring district of Penampang from 12 to 14 April 2002. 19 members of the Crew attended the Camp which was then divided into 2 Rover Mates. Each Rover Mate was named after Sabah's famous warrior, Mat Salleh and Antanom. Activities includes wide game, knotting and pioneering, night hike, campfire, understanding Rovering, compass and map reading and first aid. Two older members too were invested as full rover at the end of the camp namely Eviana Ahmad and Lee Fung Yee.

Echorovers join in Scouts Day

6 members of the Crew namely Irwan, Afie, Normal, Ayu, Fadley and Ghadafi attended the State Level Scouts Day Celebration held on 29 April 2002 at the State Istana (Palace). The State Govenor, TYT Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Hj. Sakaran Bin Dandai conferred the King Scout award to deserving Scouts.

King Scouts
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2 Members for Woodbadge Course Part 1

2 members, Hasrun and Nasirudin has attended the Part I of the Woodbadge Course on 5 April 2002 held at All Saints Secondary School, Likas. The Course Leader was the District Commissioner himself, Mr. Stephen Hendriks.

The Part I is the first in series of 5 parts of the Woodbadge course. The Part I is only the introduction after which the participants can choose to take a more specialised Scout section ie. either Cubs, Scouts, Rovers or Commissioners, in part II which takes about 3 days 2 nights. Part III is a three months practical with a Pack, Troop or Crew, and Part IV, which is the hardest level, is a 8 to 10 days course.

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Campfire at Penampang

As an initiative to promote new members of the Crew, 5 members of the Crew (Huzaimi, Ayu, Normala, Hasrun and Nasirudin) lead by Tariq and assisted by Sufian attended the neigbouring District of Penampang District Camp Campfire Nite on 28th May 2002 at S.K. Moyog, Penampang. Due to the earlier heavy downpour, the campfire started a little late at 9.00PM. The Crew gave a short performance titled "Kumbalihai" and also managed to know the leaders of Penampang District closer. The campfire ended at midnight.

Echorovers doing their part for World Environment Day 2002

In conjunction with the Annual World Environment Day, Echo Rovers has taken the initiatives by organising a Clean-up project at the Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary (KKCBS) on June 2, 2002 jointly organised by the Crew and the management of KKCBS. About 8 Scouts from 3 Troops and 8 members of the Crew has joined hands to do the cleaning up. Although not that successful, the Crew is proud to live up the Rovers motto "Service".

Let's clean up!
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