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- Lawa Mandau Conquered!
Tariq Returned as Crew Leader
- When Land-Rovers Went to Sea
- Friends from England
- Camp Kokol 2001!
- Echo Scouts Formed!
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The Echo Rovers conquered Lawa Mandau Hills after a grueling 2 days hike on the 17-19 November 2000. The hike was one of the first ever organised by the Crew and hopefully many more such hikes can be done in the near future to sharpen the outdoor skills of it members. 9 members went for the hike which include Tariq (Leader), Huzaimie, Amran, Sufian, Mala, Rozie, Miniskontesa, Ling and Fung Yee.


AHMED TARIQ ARIPEN, the 1998/9 Crew Leader was re-elected as Crew Leader for the year 2001/2002. Tariq, 29, has planned that this year will be his final year to serve actively as a Rover as he will be pre-ocupied with his duty as an Assistant District Commissioner (Administration), a post that he has held since late 1999, and hopes that he will be able to steer the Crew to new heights.

Crew Leader


Let's kayak! I'm kayaking! The Echo Rovers, although a land base Scout unit, went to the sea on 3-4 March 2001. It was a kayaking expedition where 8 Rovers namely Tariq (Leader), Huzaimie, Amran, Ayu, Rozie, Mala, Joyce, Azrol, Jeff and Farouk went kayaking from Tg. Aru Beach to Pulau Mamutik to Pulau Manukan to Pulau Sulug to Pulau Mamutik again and back to Tg. Aru Beach. The journey begins at 3.30PM where an hour was needed for the water confidence exercise before setting off to Pulau Mamutik and camp there for a night. The journey took about an hour. The next morning the journey continues to Pulau Manukan for another 20 minutes before setting off to Pulau Sulug for another 45 minutes. Returning back to Pulau Mamutik also takes about 45 minutes where the Rovers cook lunch before setting off back to Tg. Aru Beach for another hour. All in all the expedition ends at 3.30 in the afternoon and Echo Rovers was especially thankful to the Police Marine who ensure safety is always preserved.


ON EARLY APRIL 2001, Echo Rovers gladly received a visit from a family of Scouts from England namely John, Cathryn, Alistair, Andrew and little Samuel Birch. This is the second visit for the family after a memorial one in August 2000. The Crew arranged a meeting for them to get together with the scouts and they had a game of "sack-soccer" beside learning other skills such as first aid. At night, they were feasted with the local very hot fish head curry dish. The family spent about two weeks in Sabah visiting places like Sandakan turtle island and also climb up Mt. Kinabalu. John, the head of the family even plans to bring a group of UK scouts next year for a joint venture programme. Hopefully it will become a reality. Happy Scouting! Hot Fish head curry! Sack-soccer!


5 Cubs, 12 Scouts, 7 Senior Scouts and 16 Rovers of Echo Rovers went for the first time ever camping in the hills of Kokol. This was the first ever of such camp where the Crew camp with a complete unit. Suddenly the Crew has become one big happy family! During the camp, three Senior Scouts, Afizan, Zahier and Neehendra received their tenderfoot. The Crew and the group also do their part to the community by doing some community work which includes doing a rock lettering and a pond.

Received Tenderfoot Rock Lettering
Yeaahaaa!!! KIM Game
Campsite Community Work

Echo Scouts formed!

ECHO ROVERS has grown bigger and bigger with the formation of the Scout and Senior Scouts units early this year begining with the Registration Day on 11 February 2001. Altogether  12 Scout and 7 Senior Scouts signed up as members. All of them came from various schools in the district. However it was decided that the Scouts and Senior Scout unit will be under probation for a year to assess their effectiveness. The Crew hopes to raise a few King Scouts and to form an elite group in the district. The formation of the Scouts and Senior Scouts unit is also one of the aim of the Crew to realise their mission to be one of the leading Crew in the State and Country. Find out more about the E-Scouts by clicking HERE.

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