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  • Train Trip to Tenom 
  • Patrol Leaders Camp Service 
  • Echo helps State IT
  • The Crew joins the National Parade March

  • Visit from Kelana Mas Kelantan


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    Hello again everyone! 

    Sorry for the long delay. We have been very busy lately and have been trying to compile some interesting news for you to read. We are also at the moment busy with some up coming activities. We will be having the Echo Rover Nite to celelebrate our 4th year anniversary on the 26th September 1998. We also have the Community project coming in conjunction with the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, not forgetting the JOTI on the 17-18 October 1998 and the Diamond Jubilee Camp in November-December 1998. 

    Nevertheless, we will always try to update our Echo News section for you readers to know more about what we do in our Rovering activities. 

    Until then, happy Scouting. 

    Train Trip to Tenom

    Stopping at one of the stations (L-R : Zaidi, Adelia, Chiew Foong, Rozie)
    On 5-6 July 1998, the 9 members of the Crew had gone for and expedition trip by train to the district of Tenom, about 135 km from Kota Kinabalu. The objectives of the trip is to have a friendly visit to the Rovers in Tenom district and as an educational trip. 

    The trip is unique as the train is a very old model and people nowadays seldom use the trian anymore. It is therefore a very nostalgic trip. 

    The Crew left the station in Kota Kinabalu at 8.20 AM and reached Beaufort at 11.05AM. The trip was delayed then as there have been a reported land slide along the way. The Crew reaches Tenom only at 6.40 PM, 3 hours behind schedule. 

    The Crew was welcomed by the assistant Rover Leader, Sharif Biok at the Tenom Train Station as well as the Tenom Rover Crew members. A brief gathering and dinner were held at the Tenom Youth Centre. 


    The next day the Crew visit the Tenom agriculture training centre to learn about paddy planting and farming, fish farming, poultry farming and breeding honey bees. 

    The Crew went back via train again at 10.00 AM and reaches home at 4.00 PM. - Report by Huzaimi Ghazali 
    A Group photo of Echo Rover and the Tenom Rovers 
    Briefing about fish farming and paddy planting by the Assistant Rover Leader, Sharif Biok


    About 9 members of the Crew joins the National Parade March on the 31st August 1998 held at the Merdeka Field, Kota Kinabalu. They were :  
    1. Ahmed Farouk Aripen 
    2. Zaidi Atoh 
    3. Huzaimi Ghazali 
    4. Kwong Chiew Foong 
    5. Andrew Voo 
    6. Adelia Haryanie Junian 
    7. Sufian Abdul Ghani 
    8. Jasmin Tarmin 
    9. Yulie Yong 

    ECHO HELPS STATE SCOUT IT COMMITTEE - The State Scout own Official Web Site was recently launched on 1st August 1998 thanks to some members of the Crew especially Kwong Chiew Foong, who is also the State Scout IT Technical Advisor, Ahmed Tariq Datuk Aripen, also the Secretary for the State Scout IT Committee, Ahmed Farouk Datuk Aripen, Sufian Abdul Ghani, Huzaimi Ghazali and Aidah Madrus.

    Some 50 people turn out for the event held at the B.P. House, the State Scout Headquaters. Most of them are Assistant State Commissioners, Divisional and Areas Commissioners of Sabah, as well as District Commissioners from the west coast areas of Sabah. The Website was officially launched by the State Chief Scout Commissioner, Mr. Awang Zainie Haji Suntim. In his speech he openly congratulated the Crew for helping the State to realised their dreams of having their own homepage without incurring any cost and stress that Scouts can also do it in line with the internet technology era. Awang Zainie was also particularly happy to know that Sabah is the first State in Malaysia to have its own official Scout homepage.

    The Website can now be viewed at

    Patrol Leaders Camp
    The West Coast South Scout Training Team recently held a Patrol Leaders Camp on 24th-26th July 1998 at the Likas Primary School, Kota Kinabalu. About 8 members of the Crew were involved in the training as well as service-co. They were :  
    1. Ahmed Tariq Datuk Aripen  
    2. Ahmed Farouk Datuk Aripen  
    3. Sufian Abdul Ghani  
    4. Andrew Voo  
    5. Chong Hon Vun  
    6. Jasmin Tarmin  
    7. Adelia Haryanie Junian  
    8. Kwong Chiew Foong 

    Guest from Kelana Mas, Kelantan

    On 2 September 1998, the Sabah Scouts received a surprised guests from the Rover (Kelana) Mas Crew of Pasir Emas district, Kelantan. They were here for a week visit to the State and also to climb Mt. Kinabalu. During the gathering our Crew gave the guest a traditional local tribe dance show and in return they gave an impressive traditional "Dikir Barat" performance. Our Crew have also taken the opportunity to broadening our Rovering brotherhood and took a group picture together (As shown).

    For updates on the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, click on the banner below


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