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We have come to the end of the second Millenium and will be entering the new Millenium Year 2000. Over the last five years, the Crew has been working hard to promote rovering with a bit of success. But with the new Millenium, it also means new challenges. We aimed to achieve even greater heights with all the valuable experience that we have learnt. Insya Allah God willing we will succeed in becoming the best Crew not only in the State of Sabah but the whole of Malaysia!

Echo Rovers tops in Woodbadge course
Crew Leader, Ahmed Farouk Aripen emerged as the best participant of the just concluded State level Wood Badge Course part IV Rovers on the 29 November to 6 December 1999 at B.P. House, Kota Kinabalu. The award has somehow or rather indicate that the Crew is the best in the State of Sabah. Other member of the crew who attended the course was Sufian Abdul Ghani. Farouk, Sufian and another member, Faudzan, had earlier attended the Part II on the 1 to 3 October 1999. Skipper Zaki was the guest Trainer from the National Headquaters. The picture shows Faudzan receiving the attendance certificate from the Chief Commisioner, Datuk Awang Zainie Haji Suntim. Looking ahead is Philip Chin, the State Chief Trainer (2nd from left) and Zaki (right).

300 for Echo Rovers Cultural Nite
1999 marks another memorable year for the Crew when it celebrated its 5th year anniversary. Inconjuntion with the occasion, the Crew has put up a Scout Cultural Nite at the All Saints Secondary School Hall on the 26 September 1999. The response was over-whelming. About 300 Scouts and Leaders from 12 Groups and 5 districts attended the event, a number the Crew did not expect. In the show  competition, the Customs Scout Troop emerged champions with the presentation titled "Lost Scout". Runners up was the 1st Inanam Scout Troop and followed by 1st Kota Kinabalu Scout Troop. The Crew also did their own act titled "Batman Returns". The event ended at midnight.  Picture show Crew Leader, Ahmed Farouk, handing over a souvenir for the Chief Scout, Datuk Awang Zainie who had officiated the event. 
For the Album : Members of the Crew posing just after the event.

Let's Rock!
Three members of the Crew has participated in a Rock Climbing Course Part II held at the Karamunsing Shopping Mall on the 30-31 October 1999. They were Sufian, Rahayu and Viviana. The course, which was organised by the Likas Youth Club, was lead by trainer Burhan Ibrahim@Jude who was a member of the Malaysian Mt Everest Climbing Expedition Team in 1997. Picture shows, from left to right, Jude, Sufian, Viviana and Rahayu.

1st Echo Cubs received Tenderfoot
1999 is another historical year for the Crew as it has expand its arms to open a Cub Scout unit. 6 members of the Cubs received their tenderfoot on the 21 November 1999 at the Crew's Base at Farida's Bed and Breakfast. The Cub Leader or Akela, Ahmed Tariq, presented the tenderfoot.
Picture left above : Akela Tariq presented the Tenderfoot
Picture left below : The Crew and the Cubs in a joyful mood.

We did it!

10 Members of the Echo Rover Scout Crew, lead by Ahmed Tariq, has succeeded in bringing up 13 Scouts from 4 different troops of Kota Kinabalu district to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (4095m) on the 3-5 December 1999. The troops were from 1st kota Kinabalu Scout Troop (5 Members), 10th Kota Kinabalu (3 Members), 17th Kota Kinabalu (3 Members) and the Custom "B" Scout Troop (2 Members). 6 members did not managed to climb to the peak however but determined to do it again next year. The expedition which was officiated by Stephen Hendriks, the Kota Kinabalu District Commisioner, was planned to be an annual event by the Crew.

Members of the Echo Rovers Scout crew on the summit of Mt Kinabalu. From left : Huzaimi, Azrol@Boy, Rozie, Fenny and Tariq

"We did it, Scouts can do it!..." Expedition members posed for pictures
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