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The formation of a Ladies Chapter in Kota Kinabalu Jaycees.

JCI Senator George Chu, JCI Senator Henry Chok, JCI Senator Robert De Souza and JCI Senator Tony Tan were the prime movers of the formation of a Ladies Chapter in Kota Kinabalu.

The extension of a Ladies Chapter was adopted and endorsed by the 1973 Kota Kinabalu Board of Directors under the Presidency of JCI Senator George Chu. In August 16, 1973 it was proposed at the first newly formed Ladies Group Protem Committee Meeting, headed by Mrs. George Chu as Chairman, that it be called the ‘Ladies Wing of Kota Kinabalu Jaycees’. There was a delay in the formation due to much unfavorable discussion in the Regional Board Meetings on the subject of including ladies into the various LOMs/the formation of a new Ladies’ Chapter and it was also due to the fact that the ladies at that time was not familiar with the Jaycees activities and the idea of forming a Ladies Chapter did not catch on.

However, again in 1974 when JCI Senator Tony Tan, was President of Kota Kinabalu Jaycees, he initiated a meeting for 29 interested ladies and the meeting was held at the Apollo Room, Gardenia on 10th April 1974. At the meeting the following Protem Committee were elected:

Protem Committee of 1974


Ms. Jovinia Solibun

Vice President (P)

Mrs. Teresa Soon

Vice President (O)

Ms. Grace Lim


Mrs. Grace Pang


Mrs. Dora Liew

Board Members

Mrs. R. Zulkifli

Mrs. Siti Prichard

Also present at the meeting was Peninsular Malaysia National President JCI Senator James Lim, National Vice President Sabah Jaycees, JCI Senator Henry Chok, KK Jaycees IPP JCI Senator George Chu and JCI Senator Tony Tan, KK Jaycees President 1974. At that time the Chapter was known as the "Kota Kinabalu Jayceettees" and only changed its name to "Intan Jaycees" at the beginning of 1978. In 1990, the name "Intan Junior Chamber" was used.

Constitution and Registration

The Chapter’s Constitution was drafted three times before it met the approval of the Registrar of Societies. The Kota Kinabalu Jayceettees was officially registered finally on March 4th 1975.

It took our Chapter even longer to get affiliated to the Sabah Jaycees, the Regional Organization member under the umbrella of Jaycees Malaysia. (The Regional level was dissolved in 1981). Owing to a clause to the Constitution (as required by the Registrar of Societies) which stated our Chapter can not affiliated to any organization established outside Malaysia, the Sabah Jaycees had a difficult time in deciding whether to accept us into the Organization. After much debate at every Regional Board Meeting, we were finally accepted and affiliated to Sabah Jaycees at their 14th National Convention held on October 30th – 31st 1976 at the Kinabalu International Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

1st Annual General Meeting

The first Annual General Meeting was held on May 31st 1975, 18 out of 20 members were present. JCI Senator Jovinia Solibun was elected President for 1975/76. It was resolved that the elected Board of Directors remained in office until the next Annual General Meeting which would be held in November – December 1976.

Until todate, Intan Junior Chamber is proud to produce 2 extended LOMs, those are Labuan Junior Chamber in 1980, and Tuaran Junior Chamber in 1992.


Intan Junior Chamber, W D T No. 95, 88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
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