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Kidney failure is common in Sabah. Thus, with the encouragement and support from the Ministry of Social Services, Sabah and assistance from members of the Lions Club of  Kota Kinabalu, Mandarin, the society was formed on 29th December 1994. It is a private non-profit and charitable organization with the objective of providing treatment and assistance to those patients  suffering from kidney ailments as well as giving advice and services for self-care haemodialysis.

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Kidney  Failure  Treatment   How to get help ?
What are kidneys ? 
What causes kidney failure? 
How common is kidney     disease? 
Can kidney disease or kidney failure be prevented?
Treatment of kidney disease 
What is dialysis 
Where is dialysis treatment 
available and how much does it cost 
Can a patient on dialysis work? 
How can persons with kidney ailments get help? 
How do one qualify for assistance and services offered by the society?

 Would you like to help those who are suffering from kidney disease by sponsoring?


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The Secretary

Sabah Kidney Society

No.822 Taman Dah Yeh Villa,

Jalan Damai

88400 Kota Kinabalu,

Sabah, Malaysia.

  Tel: 088-219901, Fax: 211664

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