1.        Applicant should be Malaysian Citizen
    2.        Applicant should be 12 years old or above
    3.      Applicant is ambulant ( able to move independently)
    4.     Applicant has a suitable functional vascular access (eg. fistula)
    5.     Applicant has no other recourse to regular haemodialysis.
    6.     Applicant is prepared to appear before the Medical Committee of the SKS Kota Kinabalu before being               considered for the programme.
    7.     Applicant must agree to a social worker's visit to his home with a view to verify all information givn.
    8.     Applicant is prepared to pay Treatment fee of RM                 for each dialysis. This fee is subject to change by               the SKS as and when it deems necessary. This amount is payable in advance weekly and will be forfieted if               the patiet fails to turn up for haemodialysis during that week. 
    9.    The selected patient must be willing to undergo dialysis at the Centre at the dates and times fixed by the              Centre, three times per week, 4 hours per session. 
    10.  Reselection - The patient is reviewed every 6 months with regard to his suitability to continue on the               dialysis programme.
            The patient's programme can be terminated if:-
           (a)       he fails to turn up for more than 3 successive dialysis;
          (b)      he is no longer ambulant;
         (c)      his condition has deteriorated with complications such as heart disease, infection, stroke, etc.;
        (d)      he is uncooperative and fails to keep within the terms of the contract drawn up.
    11.    The patient must undergo training in the use of the dialysis machine, needling and washing lines at the                 SKS Dialysis Centre or at any other centre as decided by SKS in order to function independently.
     12.    The patient must be willing to sign a contract with the SKS before commencing the dialysis programme.
     13.    The patient must be willing to accept cadaveric Kidney Transplant when available.

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