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  • White color represent purity
  • Black color to symbolize non-Profit organization
  • Two semi-circle shaded area represent the pair of kidney with an outline on the outside to show a layer of protection. Meaning to say the kidney are well preserved
  • The Name -  SABAH KIDNEY SOCIETY, self explanatory (name of organization)

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  1. The objects of the Society shall be the prevention and treatment of kidney ailments as well as protection and relief of the patients. In amplification but not in derogation of the foregoing such objects are to be achieved :-
  2. by the formulation of plans for the care of persons suffering from kidney ailments and the rendering of assistance to the families of such persons.
  3. by the formulation and putting into effect plans  for kidney education :-
  4. by maintaining a register for kidney patients in Sabah
  5. by fostering state, national and international co-ordination and development of all activities in relation to kidney ailments.
  6. by making available technical and therapeutic requirements an facilities for research in respect of kidney ailments.

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Post Name
Chairman Mr. Johnson Ng Poh Jee
Vice Chairman Mr. Peter Lo Kee Fen
Secretary Puan Rosalind Kueh Chin Kiok
Treasurer Mr. Harry Teo
Auditor Mr. S. K. Hiew & Associates
Committee Members Dr. Wah Hai Sit JP  
Ms. Linda Wong 
Dr. Liew Boon Seng 
Mr. Sim Kon Dai @ Nelson 
Mr. Yee Kai Man;
Mr. Chung Kee Hung;
Mr. Pang Hock Kiong


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The membership of the Society shall be unlimited and open to all persons above the age of 21 years and institutions who subscribe to the objects of the Society. Any person who donates RM 1,000.00 or in the case of an institution which donates not less than RM3,000.00 shall be deemed to be life members of the Society. The institutions shall be entitled to send one (1) representative to attend general meetings.

No University or University College student be admitted to membership of the Society without prior written permission from the University Collage concerned. Entrance Fee and Subscription

  1. The shall be no entrance fee for membership
  2. The subscription shall be :-
  3. Members, whose membership is approved before the 1st day of July in any year, shall pay the full annual subscription and those approved on and after the 1st day of July shall pay half the annual subscription for the current year. All subscriptions shall be paid to the Treasurer within 30 days of the first of each year.

 If you are interested, please get a copy of the membership form

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