A permanent community service project of the Kiwanis Club of Kota Kinabalu. The centre has now been in existence for 8 years having first set up in May 2002 under the chairmanship of Kwn Ong Hock Lai who has been the person instrumental in its setting up. Commencing then with only an initial population of 4 children. The Centre has grown in leaps and bounds as it now has an enrolment of 18 children as of on 30th April 2010.


The Centre started with one Centre Administrator and one teacher way back in July 2002 and today the Centre has now an Administrator cum Head teacher, a full time teacher, one part time therapist and an office assistant who is a Down syndrome adult employed to keep the Centre clean and well looked after.


Currently we are still occupying the same premise at House No. 33, Taman Milek, Phase 2, Lintas and have recently renewed the tenancy agreement for another 3 years. Since the early days, the Centre has concentrated and put much emphasis on the E.I.P. Programme (Early Intervention Programme). The Centre is currently embarking on upgrading the teaching practices and curriculum by emphasizing on training the teachers to upgrade their knowledge in teaching practices by exposing them to training courses available locally back here in Kota Kinabalu or in Peninsular Malaysia with the assistance of our KDSF National Centre and other related organizations. In addition to this, the Centre has also continuously upgrade the teaching aids by purchasing more of such items to add to the Centre’s inventory.


In 2004 saw the formation of a Parent Support Group (PSG) comprising of very active members from parents of children or siblings with Down Syndrome from our Centre and those outside our Centre but involved in similar situation concerning the care of special children afflicted with Down Syndrome or other afflictions. The Parent Support Group (PSG) is currently headed by Larry Wong while Jacqueline Lingham is the honorary secretary. Since its formation, the PSG has met several times and had organized a pot-luck get together. Kiwanis Club and Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation are fully supportive of PSG and have extended co-operation and assistance to the Committee in its activities and offered it the use of KDSF Centre for their meetings and activities.


The Centre held its first graduation in December 2004 at a hotel here in Kota Kinabalu where four of the children who attended the Centre graduated. Many of the children after graduation will go to Seri Mengasih Centre. The latest graduation was held in Ceyln Hotel, City Mall on the 21st November 2009 where 4 children graduated.


Kiwanis Club of Kota Kinabalu is the main source of financial support through their annual motorized treasure hunt. The Centre also received financial support from individuals, public and organizations.


Past Governor Chooi and President Dr Tan (R)



House No. 33, Lorong Gunung Ledang,  Taman Milek, Phase 2, Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu.


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Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation

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Mr Ong Hock Lai, Past President, Past 1st Chairman of KDSF.

During his presidency he founded Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation in Kota Kinabalu


Miss Madeline

“Twinkle, twinkle little stars….”

Group Photographs Of Children and Parents

Chairman KDSF Dr Tan at the back right

Graduation 2008


Parents and Kiwanians Graduation 2008


Kwn Leonard, The MC

Kwn Dr Tan,

Chairman KDSF

Julia Bin Puhliu

Madeleine Fung

Rock and Roll Dance by KDSF Children

Enthusiastic Supporters of KDSF/Kiwanis

The 4 KDSF Graduates

Refreshment at Celyn Hotel

Patiently waiting for the Ceremony to start

In action! During the 7th Graduation Ceremony 20th November 2010.

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Chartered Chairman


Past Chairman


Past Chairman

Kwn Ong Hock Lai


Kwn Leonard Chau


Kwn Fred Raymond

Current Chairman

Kwn Dr Tan Jun Kwang

Hon Secretary

Kwn Fred Raymond

Hon Treasurer

Kwn Yong Kun Loi

Committee Member

Kwn Richard Chin

                      KDSF CENTRE STAFF

Centre Administrator/Head Teacher

Ms Raneh Makupi


Ms Petty Paul Lisa

Centre Assistant

Ms Wong Chui Lan