SSD is the SABAH SOCIETY FOR THE DEAF. It is a non-government charitable organisation in Sabah. It was founded in 1975. The aim is to promote the education, employment, general welfare of deaf persons and to prevent deafness in Sabah.

Many people in Malaysia suffer hearing loss. The results range from regular embarrasment to almost complete loss of normal life. Family, work, friendships; all can suffer. People often get very frightened as their hearing fails. A sense of isolation, frustration and loss of confidence is also very common.

You are not alone. Your hearing loss is our concern.

Your hearing concerns is cared by people who understand your feelings. We are here to be alongside anyone who loses their hearing. If you discovered you or any member of your family have a hearing loss, do contact:

Jalan UKM Lama - Jalan Kolam,
Bukit Padang,
P.O. Box 13971,
88846 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 088-230894
Fax: 088-252972
Lot 267, Taman Pertama,
Mile 5, Sandakan,
PPM 401, Elopura,
9000 Sandakan.
Tel: 089-219160
Hse B, Taman Bakiau
Jalan Tenom
P.O. Box 440
89008 Keningau.
Tel / Fax: 087-339716