The Death of the Bread Winner or Head of the family is the greatest crisis in life. If a widow does not know how to overcome this, she will become a self-pitied widow for the rest of her life. She will have these symptoms:

Main objective of Kota Kinabalu Widows Welfare Association,  Sabah is to help widows and children.We encourage widows to rebuild themselves to be proud single parent and go on with a meaningful life for herself and her children.

Just to up-date you with the latest information, we will be setting up a Senior Day Care centre just next to our existing premises and we hope to officially launch this project in early January 2001. This centre will take care of elderly members and the main objectives are:

  1. To organise activities for the elderly healthy group to make them feel useful
  2. To set up a Senior Day-care centre to release the burden of the younger generation and to make the senior citizens not to feel themselves a burden to others.

Proposed services available:

  1. Recovering stroke patients - to provide exercise and possibly therapy
  2. Recuperating - Day-care services for those with not help at home to care for them during the day
  3. Companionship - to provide temporary companion for widows who are alone such as when the younger generation go on holidays.
  4. Home-visits / home food delivery - to set up home-visit teams to help those who cannot come to centre.
Page last updated: Tuesday, October 31, 2000

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