Sabah Lius' Clan Association was formed on the 6th October 1996 at Emperor Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu. Present at that time was Datuk Kee Sin, Teck Chan, Chee Kong, Yun Loong, Yun Seong, Su Lyam, Yun Sang, Thau Foh. Being the only members at that time, they put in all their individual effort setting up of the new Sabah Lius' Association in Sabah. They also spent their time in drawing up the Association structure, objectives and enrolling new members.

On the 10th November 1996, the first meeting was held at Windbell Restaurant, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu. During that time, Datuk Kee Sin was elected as the President, Yun Loong as Managing President. Chee Kong and Teck Chan were elected as Secretary and Bilingual Secretary respectively. Syn Biau as Treasurer, Su Lyam as Public Relation Officer, while Yun Sang; Thau Foh; Pang Sang; San Cheong, Yun Seong and Boon Kong as committee members.

Actual preparation work for the application to the Registrar of Society on the 12th May 1997. After almost 10 months, Sabah Lius' Clan Association was finally registered on the 29th April 1998 under the Registration Number 529.

On the 22nd November 1998, the first board committee (1998/2001) was formed having the post and the members respectively.


President Datuk Kee Sin
Deputy President Yun Loong
Vice President Ket Ching
Thien Min
Ket Lim
Yun Chan
Secretary Chee Kong
Assistant Secretary Syn Nam
Bilingual Secretary Teck Chan
Assistant Bilingual Secretary Choi Yu
Treasurer Syn Biau
Assistant Treasurer Ka Sang
Liason Officer Thian Wai
Assistant Liason Officer Kui Fui
Public Relation Officer Yen Nyuk
Assistant Public Relation Officer Yun Sang
Welfare  Yun Seong
Assistant Welfare  Nyuk Chau
  Tsin Chung
  Pang Sang
Youth Wing Leader San Cheong
Assistant Youth Wing Leader Syn Leong
Women's Division Leader Su Lyam
Assistant Women's Division Leader Min Yee 
Members Nyuk Choi
  Thau Foh
  Song Wah
  Kee Yuk
  Tham Soo
  Pei Jun
  Soo Chang
  Chau Fen
  Yun Phin
  Kai Foh

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