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[ Sekolah Seri Mengasih ]

Sekolah Seri Mengasih was established in 1981 to provide education for the intellectually disabled so that they could lead a meaningful life and be assimilated and accepted as normal and useful citizens of the community.

[ The Child Assesment Centre ]

The Child Assesment Centre was established in 1983 to provide assesment to disabled children, to provide parential counselling, practical help, guidance and support to parents of disabled children.

[ The Work Activity Centre ]

The Work Activity Centre was established in 1985 to develop vocational opportunities so that each intellectually handicapped individual is assured of a reasonable chance to participate in meaningful and self enhanching work during the normal adult life.

[ The Group Home ]

The Group Home was established in 1986 to provide a permanent home for selected psychiatric patients, a home they can feel is thier own and where they can learn to be independent and become integrated into the community.

[ The Day Care Centre ]

The Day Care Centre for the mentally ill, a community based psychosocial rehabilition programme, was established in 1990 to provide rehabilition on a daily basisi to recovering and treating less acute psychiatric patients.

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