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What is a depressive disoder ?

All of us feel sad when things go wrong but a depressive disoder is an ilness that involves your body, mood and thoughts.

1. It is not a temporary low mood.
2. It is not a sign of weakness.
3. It is not something you can 'snap out of'.
4. It cannot be wished away.
5. People with depression cannot merely pull themselves together and
    get better.

Symptoms of depression ?

Depressed people may:

1. Feel persistenly sad or 'empty'
2. Be anxious and irritable.
3. Lose interst/'Hilang semangat'
4. Have problems with sleep.
5. Lose their appetite and weight.
6. Have poor concentration.
7. Feel lonely, helpless, worthless.
8. Have thoughts of death.
9. Have persistent physical symptom e.g headache, gastric problems 
    and chronic pain.

What causes depression ?

Often a combination of factors is involved:

1. GENETICS PREDISPOSITION - It can be inherited.
2. People with low self-esteem.
3. Stressful environment
4. Adverse life events.
5. Lack of a supporting relationship.

Treatment of Depression ?

1. All depressed people benefit from simple counselling.
2. A variety of medication can also help. These include the    
3. The effect of these treatment may not be seen immediately, so the 
    depressed person must be advised not to stop medicine if he does not
    feel better straightaway.
4. In severe depression, electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), is effective.
5. In chronic depression, certain types of psychotherapy may be

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