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What is Electroconvulsive Therapy?

It is a form of physical treatment that is both safe, rapid and effective in the treatment of certain severe mental illness. A small controlled pulse of electric current is passed through the brain to introduce a fit. The fir is controlled and modified with the use of anaesthetics and muscle relaxants.

Is E.C.T painful and dangerous ?

The use of anaesthetics make it a pain-pesonnal with modern and proper equipment. It is as safe as having a tooth extraction under anaesthesia.

What are the indications?

i.   High risk of suicide
ii.  Severe depressive illness
iii. Schizoprenia
iv. Mania

What are the unwanted effects?

i.    Nausea due to the after effects of anaesthesia
ii.   It can cause partial memory impairment which is temporary
iii.  Transient headaches
iv.  Muscle aches.

How many times ia E.C.T given?

i.     There are no fixed number of times but each course normally
       consists of 4 to 10 E.C.T.'s (usually 6) depending on the individual's 
       response to treatment.  
ii.    It is given two or three times per week on alternate days
iii.   The psychiatrist will advise when and if E.C.T is necessary.
iv.   E.C.T is only carried out if the patient and / or his family understand
       and give consent for the treatment.


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