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To grow healthy and strong, children should have good food, a plenty of sleep, exercise and fresh air. Children have emotional needs too. To have perfect health - to be both healthy and happy - all children require...


Every child needs to feel that ....
- His parents love, want and enjoy him
- He matters very much to someone
- There are people near him who care what happens to him


Every child needs to believe that...
- His parents like him for himself the way he is
- They like him all the time, and not only when he acts according to their
  ideas of  the way a child should act
- They always accept him, even though often they may not approve of the
  things he does
- They will let him grow and develop in his own way


Every child needs to know that ...
- HIs home is good safe place he can feel sure about
- His parents will always be on hand, espesially in times of crisis when he
  need them most
- He belongs to a family or group; that there is a place where he fits in


Every child needs to feel that..
- His parents will keep him safe from harm
- They will help him when he must face strange, unknown and frightening


Every child needs to know that...
- His parents want him to grow up and that they encourage him to try
  new things
- They have confidence in him and in his ability to do things for himself
  and by himself


Every child needs to have ...
- A set of moral standards to live by
- A belief in the human vaklues e.g. kindness, courage, honesty,
  generosity and justice


Every child needs to have ...
- Friendly help in learning how to behave toward persons and things
- Grown-ups around him who show him by example how to get along
  with others


Every child needs to know that...
- There are limits to whta he is permitted to do and that his parents will
  hold him to these limits
- Though it is all right to feel jealous or angry, he will not be allowed to
  hurt himself or others when he has these feelings.

Children whose basic needs are satisfied have a better chance to grow up in good mental health and to become mentally health adults - people who are good parents, good mates, good workers, good neighbors, good citizens.

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