Basis in 'great conspiracy' perception: Yong
(4 May 2001)


KOTA KINABALU, Sun,- Gaya member of parliament Datuk Yong Teck Lee said public notion that the federal government is silently "marginalizing" Sabahans or Barisan Nasional politicians were part of the "great conspiracy" has a basis.

Yong told reporters today that the perception, right or wrong, is not the issue, but was formed for a good reason and was a result of what the people see happening around them, notably the "slow" tackling of the increasing number of illegal immigrants in Sabah.

"After 30 years of illegals refugees who are part of the Project IC by a former Chief Minister and these illegals are moving around (in the state), we cannot help the public perception of official connivance or neglect over the issue.

Yong did not name the former Chief Minister. 'Project IC' was about the alleged federal government's in issuing Malaysian identity cards to foreigners to be its "vote bank".

Past evidence pointed to convicted Filipino illegals telling to courts the security the government under the organized "project", regarded by locals as the "great conspiracy".

" I mean if the people feel the state and federal government are not doing enough or even worse, are part of the official conspiracy, I think the perception has been formed from what they see around us," Yong said at Sabah Progressive Party's (SAPP) weekly mobile service centre at Gaya Street here.

" But I don't think we are marginalizing Sabahans, " the former Chief Minister and incumbent Likas assemblyman said.

Yong added: "These are the same issues we have pointed out in our official memoranda to both government, that the increased presence of illegals roaming around without any control undermines the government and the rule of law. Because people ask how can this happen?"

Asked if the state was dragging its feet in tackling the huge illegal squatters on Gaya island, which is among the five gazzetted national parks island, he said: "SAPP wants to see more political will and bigger impact and tangible results" from the government and the enforcement authorities against both the illegal immigrants and refugees problem.

" Of course this remain a serious problem. If not, the Chief Minister would not have made the illegals as his number one priority (to be handled during his two year term)," he said.

SAPP had asserted that unless the forced relocation of the islanders to areas on the mainland was very comprehensive and assured of success, moving them to proposed sites like Telipok would bring about bigger "headaches" to locals there.

"The solution to the Gaya island squatters should be part of the overall repatriation of illegals or refugees plus a reduction in the number of foreign workers in Sabah," said Yong.

" The solution should not be a bigger problem to another locality but a part of the bigger comprehensive work," he reiterated.





Datuk Yong Teck Lee
Member of Parliament for P150 Gaya / State Assemblyman for N13 Likas







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